Update 1.12.2015 – Version 1.2.1 – Additional Bug Fixes

Hey folks! Just letting you know version 1.2.1 of Coming Out On Top is OUT!

What’s In It?

This version fixes bugs that were in the Gallery Update, most notably some odd facial expressions/outfit changes at the beginning of some scenes and the inability to unlock one of Phil’s scenes (unless using a secondary, less-known route.) The full list of fixes can be found here.

How Do I Know If I Already Have It?

If the game window says 1.2.1 at the top, you already have it. Otherwise, you don’t.

How Do I Get It?

BMT sent you an email when you purchased the game. Use that email again to download the new version. Once you’ve downloaded it, you can unzip the new file and copy the resulting folder right over your old game.

What About My Old Saves?

If you already have the gallery update, your old saves will work with this new version (aside from any possible saves where you were in a restroom with Jed). Old saves BEFORE the gallery version will not work with this version.

What If I Find A Bug?

Please use this contact form or the email address listed there, and tell me what operating system you’re using, as well as a bug description.

What’s Next?

I’ll be working on more goodies in the coming weeks, most notably the secret relationship! Again, if you’ve bought the game, it’ll be free DLC, along with all the extra stuff. I hope you have a delightful time with it! 😉