Thanks so much for your support, folks! In addition to all the DLC in 2015 for you lovely people who purchase the game, I’d like to throw in occasional bonus content as well for the existing boys.

The more you can spread the word, the more bonus content I’ll be able to add for the upcoming year. So please let people know if you’ve enjoyed this crazy little game! 🙂

77 thoughts on “VOTE FOR YOUR FAVES

  1. An absolute delight. I am so glad to have this in my life. It is the greatest dive away from reality!! Please make more!! Im one of many fans thank you so much for your hardwork and passion!! Its a work of art and you are an amazing person for putting something rare as this out there! Thank you thank you so much and bless your heart!!

  2. Absolute delight! The stories are engaging, the artwork is fabulous, it is truly a wonder masterpiece. Thanks so much for bringing it to life. Now, if we could get the next installment……..

  3. CooT is by far the best game in the genre I have ever played. I have bought other games and so regretted wasting my money on them. Coming Out On Top is the best. Wow…. worth double the price honestly. I sure hope you do a sequel, DLC… or something more with this. Such a gem!

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