Demo (18+ Only)

Windows & Linux Users:

Download Demo from Mediafire.

Or download the demo from Google Drive.

Note about Google Drive: you want to download the entire .zip file by using the download arrow that appears at the TOP of the browser.

Mac Users (including Sierra):

Download Demo from Mediafire.

Or download the demo from Google Drive.



1) You must be an adult (18+) to play.

2) Yes, the censor bars are removed in the full version.

3)  If you’re using a Mac, and the game doesn’t appear on your screen after opening it, look at your dock and click on the game icon.  The window should open up.

4) You might not want to have your parents in the same room while playing this demo. If you are a parent, you might want to send them to bed early.

5) A few of the demo’s spoilers and hints can be found here.

6) Thanks for checking out the demo.  If you had fun, please support the game by buying it and spreading the word!

Having problems opening the game?

Some of the latest versions of Windows or Mac OS’s are having problems opening RenPy games from smaller indie developers.

If you’re using Windows you can right click on the .exe file and open the game that way.

If you’re on Mac, you can hold down the CTRL key and click (or just right click) the application file icon, and open the game that way.

You can email me if you’re still having issues at obscurasoftmail [at]


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  1. Amazing!! Ian is so hot and lovely!

  2. Will the final version be uncensored? Since the demo is being annoying with all dem love hearts…

  3. I cant download it that makes me sad ;(

  4. aaaahhh when wil you release the beta for non-backer? ahem ok im cool. I’ve missed the kickstarter for had i’ve known i’d surely donate..

  5. Congratulations Obscurasoft on the successful Kickstater campaing and for the initiave to create a game for a such small niche (Western Gay Dating Sim) with a considerably high production value.
    I’ve made a small review of the Demo, for constructive criticism.
    First of all, the Demo is very solid, and definitely shows that the game will have a great sense of humor and very good art.
    Also the Grumpy man and Shy Girl (don’t know if they had their official names released) storyline, got me very interested.
    However, I was a dissapointed by how little your actions seem affect the story.
    Maybe I’m asking too much of a Demo, but it annoys me that ”my Mark” (as in ”My Shephard” and ”My Dragonborn”) still has wet dreams about
    the Teacher even if I clearly show no interest in him and try blow him off at every oportunity, its just not consistent with the my version of the character.
    So if theres is anything I’m looking foward to see in the finished game is how I’m going to be able to tailor the story,like what would happen if I didn’t go to bar, which in the Demo only leads to funny ending.
    Overall, I’m really impressed with how the game is shaping up, and sorry for the long post.

    • Thank you for your comment, gamer! Yes, I am guilty of railroading the player through the demo because the other romantic options weren’t in there. But there is A LOT more choice in the full game, including the *cough* adult sequences. You certainly won’t have to hang out with Alex if you don’t want, or even go down his storyline at all. Thank you so much for the comment, I appreciate it.

  6. It is a shame that I cannot download this demo, the download link on the Mediafire page just brings up advertising background tabs, (even when I try the ‘repair your download’ option). Good luck with this anyway.

  7. Hm. I tried playing the game demo after downloading it but for some reason I wasn’t able to open it. It’d be great if you could send me a different link for any demo that you may have available. If none is available then I guess I’ll just have to wait until the actual game is out. Hopefully that’s soon. 😀

  8. I get two error messages first is “specified module could not be found. Loadlibrary(pythondll) failed. and after going okay another error about python26.dll

    Really want to try the demo 🙂

    • Hi Izzy, sorry about your problem! Is it installed on your desktop? Can you install the game on a different drive. Alternately I think you can launch it on the application console (I don’t have a copy of that Windows so I’m not exactly sure what the steps would be.)

  9. i downloaded the game files on my computers (windows 8) but can’t find an .exe file or start the demo in any way? any suggestions/

  10. silly me but i can’t play it on my mac. do i need sth els to lunch it? which file should i click to play? 😀

  11. hey obscura the characters are going to be hairy or we can select if they are or they are not hairy ? because I would really like to see Ian with no beard.

  12. Where is the new demo…

  13. Is the sex dream only with Alex?

  14. I was looking forward to trying your demo but for some reason I’m getting a malware alert from the file so I guess thats not happening. Got any ideas why that might happen?

    • Are you using Chrome? Apparently the browser is extra sensitive about warning you about downloading any self-executable .exe files from unknown and smaller developers. Sorry about the scary warning.

      • Yeah figured as much so I did get it scanned and it works really well. I really loved the demo though it was a tad bit linear.

        Maybe in the full version you could work on providing an overall change in events based on your behavior rather than just which guy you chose.

        Other than that I really enjoyed myself and I’ll do a full review of it later

  15. If you want to download it using Chrome, download it and it will say it’s blocked… but you can go into your downloads folder and then rename the file extension to .zip (make sure you are showing file extensions in your folders, of course). Then you can open it up and unzip it. Works for me, and I used Chrome with this method.

  16. A year ago I saw this on Kick starter. It looked awesome but I didn’t want to get my hopes up. But im so happy that it has done so great! I was going through a hard time in my life and seeing this made me want to stick around!

    Love~ A Gay Gamer

  17. When i click the demo app it asks, how do i want to open this file, and i dont have an application with which to open it. What should i do?

  18. Played the demo. Loved it. Really wished for more Brad and Ian scenes though… Oh well, gives me something to look forward to in the full version!

  19. Is there any way to play the game without any sexual encounters, and still have romance?

  20. It’s so amazing… T_T .

  21. i cant donwload 😦 its says me there is no file puf

  22. I’m also having troubles with Mediafire as well. I click the download, authorize the download, etc, then the page just sort of refreshes? I had issues with them the other day as well trying to download something, but wrote it off as an isolated incident. Clearly not. Do you have an alternative download method?

  23. Couple things:

    I loved the opening scene! Music was poppy but not too distracting. I would cut any lyrical songs from the start screen and save it for the credit roll or as extras (maybe even cinematic cutscenes?), as they distract the player from the game. When naming my goldfish the controls were kinda finicky and I couldn’t tell at first whether it was a multiple choice prompt or what (didn’t see the blinking | until I tried hitting space). Other than that GREAT. Loving it. Will buy soon.

    Have you looked into using Gumroad for distribution? I don’t have much experience with them, but I know they are smut-friendly! I also know a great ero-game designer who uses it: Geremy Walker ( I bet he’d be happy to help out a fellow designer, although I don’t know any contact information. You can also find him on deviant Art and Fur Affinity under the name CaptainGerBear.

  24. Downloaded the demo on Mac, but the app is refusing to open. It appears in my dock for about a second, but then nothing happens. Can anyone help me with this?

  25. Welp, just found this game after doing some Googling and I’d love to buy and play it! Unfortunately, I’ve only got a Chromebook so no installing programs for me 😦 Are there any plans in the future for a browser based version? Or perhaps a mobile app version?

  26. Hi. I downloaded the demo and tried to open the .exe file but it only says it cannot execute the file. I’m using Windows 7 btw. Is there an7y troubleshooting advice you could give me?

    • This might sound like an obvious question, but did you unzip the file into a folder before doubleclicking the .exe? The only other thing I can think of is not using Chrome if you used it to download (it often cuts off large files mid-download.)

  27. Obscurasoft, is Ian a real person or you made him up?

  28. my game will not download, i dont know whats wrong

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