Sexy/Non-Sexy Illustration Pack

Is your version of the game too sexy? Not sexy enough? Wanting to do a playthrough at your upcoming family reunion but unsure how Uncle Mort and Aunt Sally are going to react to hardcore imagery? Lay your fears aside, for your prayers are answered.

We’ve got two packs of illustrations that will let you mod your game.

The first pack contains the sexy illustrations from the game. You may want these if you have the censored version and are looking to experience the original creative vision of Coming Out on Top. 18 and older only to download this file!

The second pack contains black screens and will replace the sexy illustrations.


1) You need the latest version of Coming Out On Top (1.2.2 or higher.)

2) Download the pack you want:

Either the original sexy pack. (You are agreeing you are 18 years or older to download this file.)


The censored pack with black screens instead of nudity.

IMPORTANT: If you don’t see the download button on the links provided, move your cursor to the top of your browser. Several icons will appear. The download button looks like a downward pointing arrow.

3) Unzip your downloaded file (if it’s zipped). Inside is a file called “cgs.rpa.”

4) Move or copy “cgs.rpa” into the folder called “Coming-Out-On-Top/game/“.

Your computer should ask you if you want to overwrite the existing file. Say yes. If you play the game and find that’s not the version you wanted, download the other pack and follow the same instructions.

Feel free to contact me here if you have any issues!