Current Bug Report

(For issues regarding installation of the game, please see the technical issues section in on the FAQ page.)

Your version number can be found at the top of your game screen.

Bugs in version 1.4.8 (FIXED in version 1.4.9):

  • Donovan might be shirtless or wearing a tank top instead of his original outfit in a second playthrough. To fix this, you can go back to the main menu to restart his date.

Bugs in version 1.4.6 (FIXED in version 1.4.7):

  • “Grid Not Completely Full” when selecting gallery pics for previous Brofinder dates

Bugs in version 1.4.3 (FIXED in version 1.4.5):

  • Floating beard in Frankie’s gallery pic.
  • “While I Sleep” should be “As I Sleep”.
  • Disappearing leg hair in Frankie’s illustration.
  • Non-functional beard toggle for one of the Brofinder date characters.

Bugs in version 1.4.1 (FIXED in new version 1.4.3):

  • A “grid not completely full” problem when you check out profiles of Dateable Guys, happens usually the first time you go in and check out profiles. While I work on the fix, you should be able to go in again and check out the profiles, and the game will run normally. (It usually only happens the first time you open it.)

Bugs in version 1.4.0 (FIXED in new version 1.4.1):

  • Jake’s date: possible error if he asks what do you want and you say you have no idea. You may have to skip this option for now until the fix. (I believe the route is playable though and you can get the main endings for his date.)
  • Jake’s date: You may end up with the line where Mark, introducing himself, says “I’m , by the way.”

These have been fixed. You can use the same link in the BMT email to download the newest version. (If you downloaded the Censored version and switched the illustration pack, remember to do so again after downloading 1.4.1.)

Found a bug? Need help running the game? Please contact me using this page or email me at (Assistance on common issues can be found in the FAQ.)