Rock Paper Shotgun

Cara Ellison

“I think Coming Out On Top is one of the best, if not the best game I’ve covered on S.EXE, simply because it’s so robustly made, so replayable, surprising and so full of wit and the art is so tastefully hot. Most of the times I replayed I didn’t even use the ‘skip’ button for the text, just because it’s so effervescently written.”

Jaime H.

“It’s a great treat for those of us who are happy to play something that’s happily queer. Games like that don’t come across too often, and it’s wonderful to be able to recommend Coming Out On Top not just because it’s unabashedly queer, not just because we should support artists and developers who support us, but because Coming Out On Top is a lot of fun. Bring on the sequel.”

Killscreen Daily

Jess Joho

“Though Coming Out On Top has become most well known for its tantalizing eroticism, the real heart of the game lies in its story. And I swear I’m not just saying that to come across as less of a freak. Because regardless of the set of genitalia you prefer, Coming Out On Top presents an entirely relatable and varied cast of characters living out their college lives, spouting out the kind of humor you’d expect from a collegiate bunch.”

Aoife Wilson

“If there’s one game on this list that you haven’t played but should, Coming Out On Top is it. It’s funny, it’s witty, it’s explicit, and it embraces all kinds of sexual relationships—casual, long-term, friends with benefits… Plus the guys are really, really hot. And there’s a goldfish called Slurpy. And there’s an option in the menu to toggle beards. Essentially, it’s the best game ever.”

Hadyn Green

“As I said earlier, I haven’t played many dating sims, but COOT felt like a refreshing change of pace from ones where high school students play out a poor version of Mean Girls. The humour is corny and sometimes you want to slap Mark Matthews for his lack of conversation choices, but it’s an enjoyable way to pass the time, and if you fail then you can play again to try and nab that hot Army guy or try to unlock the ‘secret easter egg date.'”

Anima Gaming


“Probably one of the best visual novels I’ve ever read… super porny at times, but it maintains a sense of humor.. and it’s not all about that, which I really appreciate… Genuinely funny… every part has been very engaging… I’ll really miss this game.”

Marcus Estrada

“With all that said my hope is that many people give Coming Out On Top a shot. This visual novel contains a variety of boys to pursue with lovely, even touching, storylines for each. Along with great art and tons of dialogue choices there’s at minimum 10 hours of gameplay to enjoy to complete everything.”

Mike S.

“Funny, smart, sexy… This game is as seductive as its various hunks. One of the best VNs I’ve ever played. Worth a playthrough whether you’re gay or not.”


“My husband and I played it together and did all the romances except one. We laughed, we cried, we got a little boned up at times. I would definitely recommend it.
We heart IAN!”