Coming Out On Top Available for Purchase

“This game is the Citizen Kane of ripped, naked big-dicked dudes in love.”
Cara Ellison’s Top 10 Games of 2014, Giant Bomb


Coming Out on Top is a dating sim/visual novel that follows the story of Mark Matthews as he busts out of the closet and engages in all manner of adventure, all the while meeting a multitude of hot guys. Whether he does the right thing, wrong thing, stupid thing, or funny thing is up to you. Beard and body hair options available for all the guys. (You must be 18 and over to play.)

You can try out the demo here.

Currently on sale for $14.99 USD (from 18.99 USD)



Click here to purchase Coming Out On Top (for Windows or Linux)

Click here to purchase Coming Out On Top (Mac)

Details about the game below.


  • the bonus Amos route
  • at least 8 bonus “Brofinder” dates (to be released throughout 2015 and 2016)

What if I can only use Paypal or Amazon? We’re happy to announce we can now accept Paypal and Amazon payments for Coming out On Top. You can purchase the censored version here. All the nudity has been removed the game, due to Paypal and Amazon’s special rules. (If the Paypal option doesn’t show up, make sure ONLY the censored version is in your shopping cart!) Note that you CAN fully de-censor it though, so it’s the same as the original. See this page for some additional info. Note: please contact me if you can only pay through Paypal and are running Sierra OS for special instructions.

How Do I get All The Updates for the Game? If you want to stay on top of all the latest Coming Out On Top DLC and updates, go to the lower right hand corner of this website and click the follow button or enter an email address. You’ll be emailed each time I release more content, and you won’t have to keep checking back here for the latest news.

Is the copy of the game digital or physical? The game is a downloadable file for Windows/Mac/and Linux systems. (It’s compatible with Mac OS 10.6 or higher.)

What about Confidentiality and Credit Card Statements? If you purchase this game with a credit card, the name of the game and the name Obscurasoft will NOT show up on your statement. What will show up is: “WWW.BMTMICRO-INFO.COM 910-792-9100 NC”. BMTMicro sells mainly all-ages indie games.

Note: 2 final dates will be released this December (the fellows below are the 8 out of the 10 bonus dates that are included with the game.)




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  1. I tried using Paypal to buy the game but there isn’t any option for Paypal on the order site. What do I do now ?

  2. harrisonleekutz May 19, 2015 — 12:38 am

    If I buy the game with pay-pal and install the sexy illustrations mod, will it be the same as the full 18+ version/the one that you buy without pay-pal?


  3. Reblogged this on telittlecutedog and commented:
    Gotta check it out!

  4. I love the game! But I was hoping I could get Beau. Honestly, he’s just my type!

  5. I was able to play the game on a laptop of a friend of mine. I really enjoyed it and I’m really hoping for more guys. Actually I’d be happy with Beau!

    More scenes too!

    I just had to buy it. Question though, is BMTMicro hosting the updated game? or do I need to update manually?

    • Hi C.A.T.Guy! I’ll send out an update notification every time an update is ready (which you receive by following the blog here.) Then you go to your BMT links and download whatever’s there (which is always the latest version of the game.) Let me know if you have any questions! There’s an update that should be ready later this month, with a new guy. (Still polishing it up and testing it.)

  6. So looking foreward to the next update if there is one!!!!

  7. I downloaded it on my old computer and got a new one. How do I re-download it without buying a new game?

  8. Hey mate, Is there any chance that you publish censored version on steam greenlight? I think it will make a blast!

  9. How do I re-install the game if I don’t have the e-mail from purchasing the game, I wanna play the extra content =D

  10. The link to purchase the game isn’t working D:

  11. hey, i have a question is the game downloadable or in a package? i would like to buy it but i can’t take an package product since it would be just too awkward if it would arrive home

  12. Best indie game i ever played… Mark’s thought feel just like my own. Very psicological shit… i love it

  13. if i buy coming out on top on a computer will i be able to play it on a different computer?

    • Yes, your copy is yours to use on any of your personal computers. You can also email me if you run into any problems. 🙂

      • Hey, I can’t for the life of me figure out how to open the game. I used the link to download and it has given me files and coding. I did spend money on this, so I now just want it to work so I don’t waste my money. 😦

      • Hi Hannah. You need to unzip the file, then go into the folder and double click either the file that ends in .exe (Windows) or .app (Mac.) These are general instructions though, so it might differ depending on your system. Please send me an email at obscurasoft at gmail dot com if you are still having problems and I’ll give you more specific instructions! (or use the contact page using the “Contact Me” link at the top of this website)

  14. Can I purchase if in UK?

  15. when you buy coming out on top do you get the game right away in email? or do I have wait day or so? also I want to ask to tell I don’t got phone number do I need one? if so can I use friend from us?

    • Yes, unless there is some processing issue with the card company, you will usually get the email right away. I’m not entirely sure about the phone number part. Please email me at obscurasoft at gmail dot com if you run into any issues so I can answer your questions more specifically!

  16. I tried to purchase the game and I got a message saying that the transaction was declined by my bank (Bank of America) I called them and they said there aren’t any issues on their end and that it must be on the merchant’s end. Any idea what is going on? I would really love to play this game. Thanks!

  17. I’ve been sharing the hell out of COOT on my Facebook and everyone loves it! Which is to say that I love it too! Good work man! Many have asked if it’s coming to the App Store as it’d make a great iOS game. I’m guessing the reason that it isn’t on there so far is because of the NSFW content? Any thoughts on an App Store release?

  18. I Just purchased the game! will i be getting the latest version? or will i have to go find the latest one?

  19. Hey i’m trying to buy this game using BMT Micro but for some reason it isn’t allowing me to do so despite the fact I hae the money to do so and there is no option to use paypal or amazonpay! Is there any way you know of how to sort this as I would really like to buy the full game? Thanks again!!!

    • Hi Zachary! Paypal/Amazon has special rules for adult games so purchasing it is a little different.

      To purchase via Paypal, please go here (you’re probably looking at this page already):

      Scroll down to the part where it says “What if I can only use Paypal or Amazon?” and follow the instructions. These instructions will uncensor the game.

      Once you’re on BMT’s site, if Paypal doesn’t show up under the “payment methods”, make sure your shopping cart ONLY contains the censored version. Paypal will show up as an option.

      Please let me know if you need any help uncensoring the game or have any other questions!

  20. Hello there, is it possible to buy oversea ? I am not in the USA QAQ

    • Yes if you have a credit card! If you can only use Paypal or Amazon, go to the part on this page where it says “What if I can only use Paypal or Amazon?” and follow the instructions. These instructions will uncensor the game.
      Once you’re on BMT’s site, if Paypal doesn’t show up under the “payment methods”, make sure your shopping cart ONLY contains the censored version. Paypal will show up as an option.
      Please let me know if you need any help uncensoring the game or have any other questions!

    • Hi Tom, I’m not sure what you mean? If you buy the game it includes all the current content as well as the remaining dates (4 to be exact). It’s not freemimum type game where you have to keep paying for new stuff.

  21. Is this available for Mac users (Yosemite OS)?

  22. what can I do if I only have Chinese Unionpay card at hand right now? it is a debt card but doesn’t have issue number

  23. Hey there. I bought the game a while back but now have a new computer. Do I have to re-buy the game, or is there a way to get the game again?

  24. Hey there! I’ve been meaning to purchase this game for a while ever since I played another dating sim/visual novel game I played a while back. I understand that the game is compatible with Windows/Mac, so before purchasing, I was curious as to which you believe it runs better on/you think is better on…? My system is a Macbook Air (El Capitan) and I have a Windows 8.1 Partition. Also, is there a difference between the Windows and Mac version download…? Also, if I were to purchase the Windows version and later wanted it to be Mac, would I need to purchase it again…? Feel free to get back to me when you can, I’d love to buy the game! ^__^ (That should be all my questions for now, I think, Question Mark…?? x__x )

    • There is no difference between the Windows and Mac versions. The Windows version will also work with older pre-Sierra versions of Mac, so that sounds like it will work for you. If you are updating to Sierra soon, however, get the Mac one. Email me directly if you need the Sierra version in the future.

  25. it won’t let me use an American Express card

  26. Aww man I bought this game a while ago and I got a new laptop so now I don’t have the game any more. I also forgot the email I had used as well 😦

  27. I have delete my purchase e-mail
    what can I do?


  28. I have purchased this game but my computer isn’t opening it once I unzip the files!! 😦

  29. Thanks for making such an awesome game!
    Hope to see more from you guys in the future.

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