516 thoughts on “Eighteen Men and Hundreds of Choices Await You

  1. Bought this a few hours ago. I don’t think I’ve been so excited in a game ever since ME3.

    And I LOVE IT SO FAR! Good job, you don’t know how thankful I am for this homosexual dating sim. It’s a breath of fresh air. The art is beautiful and the storytelling is hilarious! Anyone who sees this and hasn’t bought it yet SHOULD.

  2. Does anybody know about a scene, where Phil is toping the main character and some military guy stays next to them and counts? I saw it online, but couldn’t unlock it in my game. I thought I already discovered all the routs…

  3. I LOVE this game ,not only did Phil give me life , but the well thought out and hilarious dialogue made the game so worth playing time and time again! If you ever plan on making another gay erotic game please make another chocolate sweet heart like Phil 🙂 I’m a sucker for them. ; I was so glad to see diversity ! I look forward to buying any future games you produce ! Thank you so much!

  4. This game is amazing, although made me feel so bad and depressed… I’ve never came out to anybody, no one knows that im gay, and suddenly after playing this fantastic game all these kept and hidden emotions just exploded. I realized that my whole life is one big lie. I just want to feel free… I want to get rid of pretending that im straight, talking about boobs, dating girls, lieing to parents and friends, everyting. Happily i’m planning to go to study in the UK. I hope that I’ll start a new life there…

  5. Love this game! Managed to get Brad, Jed and Ian’s respective special endings. Loved the story line for Brad and Phil so far. Awesome job obscurasoft! I’m now super determined to get the special endings for the other 2!

    I really hope we get an update soon with a CG gallery!

  6. The download is extremely slow, got to wait 10 hours (for now) to play the game. I suppose (hope) it’s not normal, and was wondering if it happened to someone else?


  7. There are so many times while I played this that I went from laughter to, “AAAWWWWWW!!” …with the occasional lustful “sweet jesus” mixed in 😀

    1. I’d love to see a full updated walkthrough including Jed and Brad’s new scenes. Because of the number of choices it can be a bit intimidating. Lol.

    1. Oh, it’s a weird visual novel term that stands for refers to the illustrations in the game. I think it refers to Computer Graphics, even if it’s a still.

    1. They’ve been around for a while and most of the other English visual novel developers have used them to sell their games, before their games were on Steam at least. (Hanako, SakeVisual, Winter Wolves, etc.)

  8. Has the background art for Ian and Brad’s room been switched ?
    Brad’s room is the one described as having botles of beer laying around, but the background art that matches that description is the one used for Ian’s room.
    Likewise Ian’s room is decribed as being messy, and Brad’s room current background art is of a messy room (just regular messy, not drunk guy messy).

  9. Ok so. I purchased the game but I sadly won’t be near my main computer for around 4 weeks. I was quite happy to see my Bmtmicro email saying that the codes for the product don’t expire, but I tried downloading this tonight and apparently they did expire. Did I miss something?

  10. Hey, Brazilian customer here, I just bought this game, it’s great and very entertaining. But I have a question: How we’ll get the future updates? There is no option whatsoever for this, not even the application version anywhere.

    1. Hi Raphael! You can check back on the blog every so often for updates, or subscribe to the blog using the “Follow Blog via Email” button in the right hand corner.

      Every time there’s an update, there will be a new file you can download from the link you used to purchase the game.

    1. It will be a manual update Duncan, and you’ll reupload it from the link you originally used. You can check back here in a few days or use the FOLLOW VIA EMAIL up in the corner to be notified when it’s ready.

  11. Game is fantastic! Good job, you can tell it was a lot of work. Certainly worth the 15 bucks. Tempted to by 50 copies just to ensure more content gets made. Ian’s was probably the best sex scene because it had so many options and cut scenes. Would love to see more sex and sluttier options (3 ways! orgies! hookups with all the guys, not just bjs!) I haven’t had any trouble with BMT. Game did give me a “Software Rendering” message the first time I ran it though followed by a kernel panic on my Macbook Air 2011 13 inch running OSX 10.10.2 (Beta). Worked like a peach once I rebooted though, just be aware there might be graphics related issues once the lastest OSX update gets pushed out.

  12. I honestly fell in love with Brad and the whole story with him. The ending was amazing and the final photo is just wonderful I was about to cry. This story is even better than all movies and everything I’ve ever read or watched. I’m glad I have a wonderful boyfriend and I can’t wait to cuddle him, otherwise I’d feel kinda lonely after such a story. To the developers and the story writers – Well done,guys!!

  13. i really really really …. really loveeeeeeeee this game. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
    i hope u will create game like this more and more.(totally love the story, characters and eroticness lol XD)
    i anxiously waiting for the gallery so i can know how many root i miss. And it will also help me to save my time from take screenshot on every full CG. lol 🙂
    i hope it will be a short after story for each root in some holiday event 'cuase i fell in love in every characters. i want to see them do more sweet thing with Mark. AWWWWWW!!!!!! ❤ ❤ 3<) ❤ ❤

  14. Hello ;3 ‘Bought the game yesterday, got my download link. But I can’t download it properly ;( The download is reaaaaally slow (and right now, it’s not working at all). I don’t know if it’s my connexion or the server, but damn, it’s frustrating ;( Did it happen to anyone else?

      1. They haven’t reported a problem with their servers, but told me it is a ‘high volume’ internet time (more than usual with Christmas shopping) which may account for slowness some customers are seeing. I would personally wait a little while, maybe an hour at least, come back and try the link again. If you are still having problems, let me know!

    1. Hi Wklixk–It will show up as ***BMT Micro on your credit card statement, followed by a few numbers. The name of the product or the developer will not show up. They distribute a lot of indie games btw, and most of them aren’t 18+.

  15. So i just purchased the game today, and i played it for HOURS!! And let me tell you this game was so fun and different. I must say i did not get everyone’s story yet, but Jed was a wild wire, the professor was a sweet guy. The football player… my god. I was hoping my life would be just as exciting as the protagonist. Long story short well done and i cannot wait for the HOT STEAMY DLC lol…

  16. I loved this game. This had many different scenarios and it had really got me going through everything. I still haven’t figured out the vacation with In to South America but I won’t give up! Seriously, I ship Ian and Mark a lot (even though I have used different names in different occurrences). I may even write a fanfic on Wattpad because I feel like they deserve a more in-depth look on their relationship their first three years. I can’t wait for more updated content

    Maybe you could also expand choices for In, Brad, and even Alex with more alternative endings? That would be so awesome! But no rush. Can’t wait! Excited!

  17. “None of yer business”, or anyone else who can help me. Because you guys love me, can someone please tell me what to choose to get the sex scenes for Ian (all I got from him was a kiss and a rimjob) and the redhead (I can’t remember his name, but I gave him a blowjob at his place). I can’t understand the walk through that was posted :/ Thank you!

  18. I loved the game, I finished it four times already and it’s really amazing! I just go over night playing and stopping at morning, it’s the best Christimas’ present ever! I’m just disappointed that most of boys we can’t choose if Mark will topping or bottoming as with Ian, for example. I was quite sad that Brad wasn’t the bottom. 😔

  19. Thank you so very much for your work madam. Seriously. I don’t think I’e every actually seen a gay visual novel. I hated the genre before this, and I still hate it, but I’m willing to give it more of a chance if more gay stuff comes out. I’m still not a fan of some of the elements of the game: how important coming out is for one. I think I commented on that before. Coming out, to me, is not really a big deal. I treat people as if they know and I don’t say anything unless talk of sexuality comes out. But I understand a lot of people do have to deal with it, so whatever.

    -spoilers ahead!-

    Anyway, the important thing is that your work is really very good. I had to work extra hard to get the Ian sex scene and last scene at the end, but it was totally worth it. No more friendzoning for you! Hah! Seriously that sex scene was hot as fuck and not just because I have a thing for tied up guys. I’m pretty sure I’ve jerked off to it many times by now. Looking forwards to that gallery without the text boxes over it. 😛

    The full Ian storyline is definitely the canon ending to me. I really do love him. He’s adorable. And fucking hot. But also adorable. The way he doesn’t want to ruin their friendship despite being madly into Mark is just great. It made me really sad the first time I tried his storyline and ended up being told we were just friends many times. It’s ok Ian! It won’t ruin our relationship!

    Anyway yeah. Got really into it. As you can tell. GG Obscurasoft. GG.

    1. Also, I agree with the commenter above me. I loved the option of topping or bottoming for Ian. The rest of the characters need that if they don’t have it. It was insanely hot to have Mark do both actually.

    2. Also, more spoilers:

      I’d really like to see the sequel now. What happens after Mark and Ian get together and what leads up to their marriage and what happens after their marriage. Sounds awesome to me.

      You could have the player chose which guy they romanced in the previous game before starting it.

    3. “The way he doesn’t want to ruin their friendship despite being madly into Mark is just great. It made me really sad the first time I tried his storyline and ended up being told we were just friends many times. It’s ok Ian! It won’t ruin our relationship!”

      And it makes me feel bad romancing any of the other guys. Since I know Ian will be jealous being so in love with/into Mark. Thus it is the canon ending. 😛

    1. Hi, email me at obscurasoft at gmail dot com with your order number or the email address you used for purchase, and I’ll be happy to help you out!

  20. Downloaded the Demo to see if my decade old computer could play it smoothly enough. I have to buy the game now, cant get though the demo because my need for this game is too strong.

    love the amazing lines, there is so much “yes” moments where the humor did the most amazing things ever.

    I spoiled ian’s story line cause I didnt think I would get to play it, but I am super happy to get a chance to play this game. Now take my money, i need a good story to squee about. (so few gay romances to fill my adorable reserves)

  21. Could someone help me out? I live in México and I want to buy the game but i dont have a credit card, and when i try to use my debit card it doesnt work, could someone help me? :c

  22. Loved the demo and I would purchase the full game but BMT or whatever requires securecode for mastercard, and thats never worked for me. What a disapppointment. I was looking forward to playing the full thing.

    1. Hi Keshuu–thanks for the heads up! Please feel free to email me at obscurasoft at gmail dot com if you’re having problems purchasing the game!

  23. I cannot praise this game enough. It’s just sooo good! The story-lines are awesome. The graphics are awesome. The men are awesome! If you haven’t played it yet, what are you waiting for!?

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