About The Game/FAQ

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1. What’s “Coming Out On Top”?

The first gay dating sim/visual novel from Obscurasoft, Coming Out on Top follows college student Mark Matthews as he busts out of the closet and engages in all manner of adventure, all the while meeting a multitude of hot guys. Whether he does the right thing, wrong thing, stupid thing, or funny thing is up to you. Beard and body hair options available for all the guys.  It’s available for purchase! (You must be 18 or over to play.)

With your purchase, you’ll also get all the DLC and add-ons I’ll be releasing this year, all included in the price of the game. These goodies include:

  • a secret relationship route (ETA May 2015)
  • at least 7 more guys in the form of “Brofinder dates”, where Mark will go on a variety of fun dates with different dudes.
  • other fun content

The game is a downloadable file for Windows/Mac/and Linux systems. (It’s compatible with Mac OS 10.6 or higher)


2. Questions About Purchasing

  • Confidentiality: If you purchase this game with a credit card, the name of the game and the name Obscurasoft will NOT show up on your statement. What will show up is: “WWW.BMTMICRO-INFO.COM 910-792-9100 NC”. BMTMicro sells mainly all-ages indie games.
  • BMT Micro Doesn’t Take My Card/PayPal/Amazon.  There is a PayPal option! Go to the purchasing page and scroll down to the part where it says “What if I can only use Paypal or Amazon?” and follow the instructions.
  • What System Do I Need to Run It?  Windows, Mac (10.6 or higher), or Linux.

3. Technical Stuff

  • Where is the Gallery/New Scene/Latest Content? You have an older version of the game. The original email from BMT has the link that will get you the latest version.
  • How Do I Install It?  The game comes in a .zip file. Unzip it into a folder. Once you’ve unzipped it, open the folder. If you’re a Windows user, double click the .exe file inside. If you’re on Mac, double click the .app icon.  On Linux, run the .sh script. Note: do not pull the .exe file or the .app icon out of the folder. For the game to work, you need to run the file inside the folder.
  • I’m having problems unzipping it!  Some zip programs don’t play well with this zipped version. Please contact me and I’ll help you out!
  • Game won’t run. There’s no error message. Certain zip programs have problems opening the game, and will unzip a damaged version. If this happens, please try right clicking the .zip file and using a different .zip program. (This seems to happen especially with some people running a different .zip program than the one already installed with their Mac OS.)
  • Game won’t run on Yosemite or Windows 8.  Newer versions of the game (1.2.0 and up) should run fine on these new platforms. If you’re still having problems or are trying to run the demo on Yosemite, hold CTRL then click on the .app file. To run it on Windows 8, right click on the .exe file and run it as an administrator (you might want to choose ALWAYS run as an administrator). This has to do with heightened security measures for the newer OS’s that unfortunately lock out small game developers like myself.
  • Game won’t save on Windows 8.  Right click on the .exe file and run the game as an administrator. You should be able to save now. (Again, this has to with increasing security measures for the new OS’s that are starting to lock out small developers. In the meantime, that’s the quick fix!)
  • On Windows, the game just “hangs” there instead of opening. 1) Update your drivers. 2) If it’s still hanging, close the file. Hold down shift while opening the game. A menu will show up, and choose “FORCE SOFTWARE RENDERER.” Close the game and try running it again.

4. I’m Stuck!

  • Where Can I Get Walkthroughs? I’ll post one eventually, but it’s going to be slow while I’m in the midst of fixing bugs, patching the game and working on Kickstarter rewards. A sympathetic soul posted a walkthrough/guide. Please note Jed’s route might be slightly different since the latest 1.2.0 gallery patch.
  • Is there a way to skip through parts I’ve been through so I can find other endings or scenes? Change the skip options under preferences, then use TAB to skip through dialogue you’ve already seen. You can also save often and reload to return to those points in the game. The gallery will show you what scenes you might have missed.
  • Tip: Use ‘S’ to take a screenshot anytime during the game. It will save it to your game folder.)
  • Bugs. Please use this page or the email listed there to report bugs (and let me know your operating system and version of the game if you do.) There is a list of reported bugs here.

5. Is there a demo?

Yes.  Download it here. The demo has “censor” bars over certain bits. The full game has none.

Note: you need to be at least 18 to play it.  It’s not the kind of game you want to play with your grandmother in the room. Unless she’s like, into that kind of thing.

6. Is This One of Those Pornographic Flash Games?

No.  Though it’s got explicit and uncensored sexual content, it also has a loooot of story and dialogue.  If you’re looking for a porn game, you’re going to be really disappointed.

Imagine a graphic novel that allows you to make decisions that will affect the story.

And yes, the censor bars are removed in the full game.

7. What about buying Kickstarter Rewards if I wasn’t a backer?

You’ll be able to purchase the ‘Raunchy Tell-All Art Book?’ in 2015 though I don’t have a date set for it yet! I’m hoping to add a special disc edition eventually, as well as other merchandise.

8. What About Steam?  Or iOS?  Or Android?

Because of the erotic content in the game, it’s not going to happen any time soon.  Please remind the people at iOS or Steam that if the public can handle gruesomely violent video games, they can probably handle illustrated pictures of people having sex, thanks!

Not sure about Android yet.

9. Can I Still Contribute to Your Kickstarter Campaign?

Thank you for asking, but the funding period ended over a year ago!  I would love it if you bought the game though, and spread the word about it to as many people as you can!  :)

10. Why Are There Not More Body Types?

If this is a representation issue, I was honestly more concerned with representing my black and Asian characters properly, since they are heavily subject to a lot of messed up stereotypes in the U.S. :/

(I have more characters I’m releasing that won’t look like the other guys, but that’s later this year! :D)

11. But this game was created by a woman! With a vag!

Yep! And yep! XD

There is a demo if you want to see exactly what this game is like. And yes, you are always welcome to write me and give me feedback.

12. Hey! You can’t wear a beard in the U.S. military!

True, most servicemembers can’t! Originally I was going to make Phil’s beard unlockable, but it seemed kind of sad his beard would be accessible ONLY after you played his path.

13. The Game Is Hilarious/Fun/Awesome/Hot, etc. and I Love You.

I love you too!


Add yours →

  1. Hi!! Great game, I can’t stress it enough, and I always find incredible how you were able to create these amazing, real stories yet simplified enough to turn them into a game, and I say “real” because precisely I’ve had very similar stories with a guy or two, so I could identify with Mark as I was playing said storylines, and it made my days.
    I have a problem and I’ll be grateful if you help me: I can’t seem to get one of Mark’s gallery images, the rightmost at the second row… Please please please help me! Do I have to flunk at college to get it or what?

  2. Hey,

    So I’ve seen a pic circulating of Phil and Mark screwing while what appears to be Ian dressed as a drill sergeant watches. Is this actually part of the game or just fanart? I don’t have any missing slots from the Phil gallery, but I thought I would check.


  3. I absolutely love this game, I’ve played through every successful ending (as well as two, er… alternate endings I guess is what I should call them without giving anything away) with the help of a walk through, and I’m looking forward to upcoming additional content. I wanted to mention, for those out there who are fans of The Sims 4, that the main cast of Coming Out On Top was created and shared in the online gallery for anyone who wishes to take control of these beloved characters and play around with the hunks that didn’t win Mark’s heart perhaps falling for each other. I did not create them, but I did come across them and thought I’d share my findings here.

  4. This might sound weird, but I just completed Slurpy’s route and boy… the whole story turned into something like a psychological thriller movie. I like it, kinda sad it’s a little too short. I think you should add a little more to it XD

    Good job with the game though, I love it, and still waiting for Amos

  5. I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying this game. sweet, sappy, sexy, funny…
    moar! any plans for other games like this? officially offering writing services!

  6. Thank you so much for adding Amos.

  7. When Brofinder becomes usable in-game, would it enable you to meet up with some of the side characters from paths you aren’t currently on? Perhaps even as a pleasant surprise. For example, using it while on Phil’s path you might get a fling with Roman, or D’artagnan.

  8. Will the game be available for purchase in the next 20-30 years?

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