Don’t see your question listed below? For tech issues, bug reports, and/or feedback, please email me at (And if you’re a Sierra user having issues with your update, email me for the new version.)

* If reporting a bug, please let us know what system you’re running, e.g., Windows 7.

** If you want to stay notified about future updates, releases or new projects, you can stay informed by clicking the FOLLOW button at the lower right hand corner of this blog. You can also follow me on Twitter, Tumblr, or Facebook.



Coming Out On Top is kind of like a choose-your-own-path novel combined with a comic book and played on a computer. Try the demo if you’re curious. You make the decisions about what the main character does and says as you play through a variety of hilarious, erotic, and heartwarming stories about a college senior who’s just come out of the closet. Note that it’s an erotic game with adult content and is intended for mature audiences (18 and older only.)


See this page for instructions. This ONLY applies to people who used Paypal on BMT to purchase. (All other purchasers will already have the original, sexy version!)


Windows PC, Mac, and Linux. The game is compatible with Windows 7 or later, and Mac OS X 10.6 or later. If you’re concerned about compatibility, give the demo a shot.



After the zip finishes downloading, double click on it, or right click on it to extract all (or unzip).

Can’t find the unzip/extract button in Windows 10? Use the ‘extract’ option at the top of your window.

Windows  will create a folder called Coming-Out-On-Top-all. Go inside the newly created folder and double-click the Coming-Out-On-Top.exe file to run.


On a Mac, after the zip finishes downloading, double click to unzip it, or right click on it and select OPEN WITH>ARCHIVE UTILITY from the menu that appears.

This will will create a folder called Coming-Out-On-Top-Mac. Go inside the folder, then double-click on the .app file (the one with the picture icon) to run the game.

If you get a pop-up window says the game is from an unidentified developer, control-click or right-click the .app icon, then choose Open from the shortcut menu. As Apple explains, “If you try to open an app that is not registered with Apple by an identified developer you get a warning dialog. This doesn’t necessarily mean that something’s wrong with the app. For example, some apps were written before developer ID registration began.

Note: due to recent changes in the Mac OS, you may need to MOVE the entire Coming Out On Top folder into your User/Applications folder for it to work.

If this doesn’t work, it probably means your security settings are on extra high (often the default for newer systems.) You can also grant an exception for a blocked app by clicking the “Open Anyway” button in the General pane of Security & Privacy preferences. This button is available for about an hour after you try to open the app. To open this pane, choose Apple menu > System Preferences, click Security & Privacy, then click General.

On some systems, the game might “hang” for a few seconds without any window appearing. Double click the game icon again and it will show up.


Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, Diner’s Club, UK Maestro Debit Card, Paysafecard, BitPay (Bitcoin), Paypal, and Amazon Checkout.

Please note that if paying via PayPal or Amazon, you will need to purchase the censored version due to their policies regarding adult content. You will be able to un-censor the game after purchasing by following the instructions here.


The game is sold through a third-party vendor named BMT Micro. The charge will appear on your statement as “WWW.BMTMICRO-INFO.COM 910-792-9100 NC”. BMT Micro sells general purpose and entertainment software and is not an “adult entertainment” related company.


The game comes in a .zip file. Unzip it into a folder. Once you’ve unzipped it, open the folder.

If you’re a Windows user, double click the .exe file inside. (Having problem with Windows 10? Here’s a step by step process here!)

If you’re on Mac, double click the .app icon.

On Linux, run the .sh script. Do not remove the .exe or .sh file from the folder or the game will not work.


The most common issues are as follows:

  • If the game was unzipped with a third party .zip program, the game may not run. Right or CTRL click on the downloaded .zip and choose to open the file with your operating system’s unzipping utility.

  • Game won’t run on Sierra after update. Please email me at for an updated version and let me know the email address you used with BMT or so I can resend you the new version.
  • The game doesn’t run on your Mac and just hangs. MOVE the entire Coming Out On Top folder into your User/Applications folder then try running it.
  • Game won’t run on Yosemite or Windows 8. Newer versions of the game (1.2.0 and up) should run fine on these new platforms. If you’re still having problems or are trying to run the demo on Yosemite, hold CTRL then click on the .app file. To run it on Windows 8, right click on the .exe file and run it as an administrator (you might want to choose ALWAYS run as an administrator). This has to do with heightened security measures for the newer OS’s that unfortunately lock out small game developers like myself.

  • Game won’t save on Windows 8. Right click on the .exe file and run the game as an administrator. You should be able to save now. (Again, this has to with increasing security measures for the new OS’s that are starting to lock out small developers. In the meantime, that’s the quick fix!)

  • On Windows, the game just “hangs” there instead of opening. 1) Update your drivers. 2) If it’s still hanging, close the file. Hold down shift while opening the game. A menu will show up, and choose “FORCE SOFTWARE RENDERER.” Close the game and try running it again.

  • If none of these solutions seem to be working for you, please contact me at!


Apple decided they will no longer allow their software to be bundled with PC and Linux versions, so we created a new version for Mac users. Please email me at and let me know the email you used with BMT. We’ll get you the Mac version.


To clear the gallery and saves, you need to delete the saves folder in TWO different places.

First make sure you exit out of the game.

On Windows:
Find %APPDATA%/RenPy/Coming-Out-On-Top
Delete the SAVES folder inside

On Mac:
Delete everything inside.

Open Steam. Right click on Coming Out On Top in your Steam library. Click PROPERTIES > tab LOCAL FILES > BROWSE LOCAL FILES

In the GAME folder delete the folder called SAVES

Now when you start the game everything should be clear.

Go into the game folder called Coming-Out-On-Top-all (or Coming-Out-On-Top-Mac).

Delete the folder called SAVES (If you are on a later version of Mac (Sierra+) you may not have this folder in this spot, which is fine.)

Now when you start the game everything should be clear.


You can resize the window to the size you like, or use the “F” key to jump to full screen and back again.


Through persistence, dedication, and hard work! Believe in yourself! Seriously, though, we may put a comprehensive walkthrough together at some point. Then again, we may not. 😉 Something that may help: use the rollback feature on your mouse or your up and down arrows to go back in time and make different choices. Save often.


First off, there is some very useful stuff in the options menu.

  • Turning “Skip unread text” on allows you to skip through all the boring reading stuff, including text you haven’t read.

  • Turning “Skip after choices” let’s the game keep on trucking at max speed after selecting a menu choice if you’re in skip mode.

  • Toggle skip mode by pressing the TAB key during gameplay.

  • You can do neat stuff like turn condoms on and off or select the beard and body hair options for each guy.

Spoilers ahead! Money optimization:

  • You can bid Beau up on your tutoring rate for Brad.

  • Use the cheaper weekend activities to socialize with Penny and Ian, such as going to the movies or walking the Pomeranian.

  • Choosing to study instead of masturbating will raise your grades, thus freeing up a weekend to tutor for extra money.

  • You can negotiate your rate with Theo up to $400, and he’ll even throw in a free toaster.

  • Choosing to go left when biking over to Amos’ house puts you through a mini text-adventure that gets you $100 if you persist until the end of it.

  • Winning the trivia contest with Phil nets you $150. Use the rollback feature or google to ensure your victory.

The Amos route has far fewer pitfalls than the other routes, which makes it easier to get to the end, but potentially more difficult to get the ending you want. Your ending is dependent on an overall score for how you behave with Amos. There is a romantic, a sexual, a weird, and a mean ending. The prevailing characteristic of the poem you write makes up roughly 50% of your overall score.


Why, Doubleleaf of course. Who can be found here.


Possibly! It depends on how well the game continues to sell and any projects I have lined up in the future. Follow this blog by clicking the FOLLOW button on the lower-right hand corner. You’ll be emailed the latest updates and news.

Cheers and thanks for playing. ❤


290 thoughts on “CONTACT/FAQ

  1. I am very eager to try this game, yet I don’t often have access to a computer. It would be both delightful and convenient if I this game was available on Android andiPhones, and certainly a huge surge in profits would arise by reaching a wider audience! I know that this isn’t make a wish foundation or anything, but it would greatly mean a lot to me. 🙂

    1. Hi there. As steam now allows fully adult content, can you update the steam version of the game so that we don’t have to decensor it ourselves? You can check the recent update of another game called England Exchange. I was hoping the same could happen to Coming Out On Top.

      1. Thanks, I’ll take a look. Steam’s very ambiguous about their adult content policy, so it’s hard to get any definitive answers from them sometimes. I’ll ask around. 🙂

    1. Hey Haru, thanks for asking. Probably not any time soon. I’m working on a different project at the moment (needed to take a break from COOT after 4 years of working on it and releasing add-ons.) I’ll announce any add-ons and/or future projects on this website though if I do. 🙂

    1. Hi Sumet, can you email me at obscurasoft at gmail dot com and let me know what email address you used to purchase it? You should typically should receive the confirmation email as soon as Paypal is charged. Please contact me so I can find out what happened.

  2. I would like to request two things for the Steam version: 1. Steam Trading Cards and Steam Badges with wallpapers and emoticons. 2. Official Steam profile pictures. Great game, thank you for doing this art. ❤

    1. Hi Buck. Yeah, as far as I know, there is no way to hide games you’re playing on Steam. I’d recommend purchasing through BMT if you want something totally offline and unconnected to any server.

  3. Hi I tried to purchase the game but upon downloading the .zip file and extracting it, i cant find the .exe file. Im using windows 8

    1. Hi Christian, do you have any virus protection on? You might want to disable that temporarily or make an exception for Coming Out On Top to run it. If you are still having issues or that doesn’t apply, can you email me at obscurasoft at gmail dot com? Let me know what email you used to purchase the game.

  4. Well Hello there!
    First of all, i love your game, the story, the characters… So nice and hot!! Really, it’s awesome! Congrats for the great job!
    And, now, i want to tell you about a bug i found in Donovan route. In the sex scene, i’ve check the options and i had the +18 avaible so it shouldn’t show with pixels, but, when Donovan hit the climax, it suddendly show that scene pixeled, when, in the previous scene (without climax) it hadn’t pixels. Why is this happening?
    (sorry for my bad english)
    Thanks for everything, and, again, congrats for your awesome game!

    1. Thanks for the heads up. We have this bug marked and it will be fixed in the next released version which is due by the end of January. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  5. Sorry if this is kind of a random question, but what state is coot set in? Is Orlin County in a specific state, or is it intentionally left up to the player to decide for themselves?

  6. Hi,

    I love the game. I just want to thank you so much for creating such a beautiful game. The writing is amazing and touching. I can’t wait for your new projects. Thanks!

  7. if i bout the game on a different computer and that computer died is there a way i can re download the copy ive purchased?

    1. Yes, just email me at obscurasoft at gmail dot com. Let me know the email you used with BMT and whether you need the Windows or Mac version!

  8. I must say i did love this game, i have to ask though was orlin university and the nearby town based of a real place or just a work of fiction.

    Best of luck with you new project

    Regards Ethan

    1. It depends on which you route you take. If you only interact briefly with any given guy(s) it can be a very short to graduation. It can be a lot longer depending on what sorts of adventures you decide to go on…the story has a lot of choices, branches and paths.

      1. Got it, I’ll play again.
        As for my gaming experience, I found it amazing, the game generally arresting, makes you interested.
        Sometimes the sound just stopped.
        A kiss from Brazil, I hope to see a translation soon or at least one version of android.

  9. This game is great, unbelievably great (considering that most sex-related games are kind of crap, or way too expensive). I really enjoyed everything, all guys and their stories, the designs and graphics are very well done, and the CGs are deliciously goooood! Damn, but I had lots of fun with this game, I sincerely hope you guys create more… guys for the game, or develop new gay games (good gay games are so difficult to find, and this one is really awesome!)
    Thank you for you hard work!!

  10. Thanks for making this game, it was a genuine pleasure to play and I hoped to see more games like this for gay people to enjoy.

    I found a typo playing through Alex’s route… Ian at one point makes a joke about “SUPRISE ANAL” 🙂

  11. Hello! I love the game! I was just wondering if there is some way I can go back and redo the “play with yourself” option in the bonus dates section. I was trying to do all paths, but it disappeared after I did the vacuum path 😦 Thanks!

  12. Will this ever be released on Android. I bought it on steam but find it difficult to play on my computer due to never being able to get on as I have other commitments. It would be amazing to be able to play it while I’m out of the house.

      1. With iOS, there’s probably no hope. All official apps have to pass through Apple for the App Store, and they won’t allow adult content. However, with Android, you could make it a downloadable .apk package file. There are other platforms that have done this, like for example, which means you won’t have to have approval to list it on the Google Play store. The Android user only has to allow apps to be installed from specific sources, like Chrome downloads or wherever they save the .apk file.

  13. I love this game a lot !!! Will you release any content from this game soon? Thank you so much for such a great game!

  14. Hey, I love the game so much. Just wanted to hear some updates about you and the future game, how is the other game going, half finished? Still lots to do? And what’s the format of it? Any spoilers are gladly accepted.
    Ly and greetings

  15. I have played this game in the past and I want to restart the game fresh, and I tried following the instructions and for some reason I can’t find the windows folder “%APPDATA%/RenPy/Coming-Out-On-Top”. I don’t know what to do…

    1. Hey there! Please email me at obscurasoft at gmail dot com and let me know what the email address you used to purchase it, so I can figure out what version you have. If you don’t remember, the account billing name will work as well.

  16. Hi. I purchased the game back in 2018. I recently updated my macOS and the game no longer works. Is there an update for this and will I be able to update for free or do I need to pay again. Also, will my previous saves and gallery unlocks be lost. Please advise. Thanks. – Daniel

    1. Hey Daniel. Please email me at obscurasoft at gmail dot com, and let me know the billing name or the email address you used to purchase the game. I’ll be able to send you the right version and also hopefully help you out with the saves.

  17. Hey there! I’m hoping to play through the game completely from scratch so I wanted to delete all previous save files and everything in the gallery. I have so far been instructed on how to delete the save files and have successfully done so. However, I still haven’t been able to delete the pictures from the gallery. I tried following the instructions given and manged to do so up to a point. However I can’t find the folder titled ‘Coming-Out-On-Top-all’ on my PC… Any advice?

    1. Wait, never mind! I managed to delete the gallery pictures by just doing everything over again! Another curiosity that I have though is whether or not I’d be able to delete the achievements??? 🙂

      1. Glad you got sorted. Unfortunately I don’t think there’s a way to remove achievements. People have tried with various other games, and they keep running into issues with the achievements reappearing. If I can figure out how, I’ll let you know!

  18. Just wanted to say what a fantastic game this was to play through, especially now during COVID. The Ian story-line in particular was so beautifully and thoughtfully written. I’ve played it through multiple times to relive the story. Thanks again for working so hard on such a fantastic game.

    1. Hi Anthony, email me at obscurasoft at gmail dot com and let me know what email address you used to purchase the game, and I’ll be happy to help you out!

  19. I’m having troubles with the achievements, I’ve done all that is asked to unlock them but they don’t appear on steam

  20. Hola, por alguna razón no puede ver las imágenes en la galería, aparece el mensaje: Fatal error. Que hago?

    1. Hola Roberto, can you please email me at obscurasoft at gmail dot com? With whether you use Windows 10, with Catalina etc. and whether you have the Steam, BMT, or Itch version. Gracias!

  21. Just wanted to say how I love this game so much. The story was well written and the artwork is really amazing. I like how the story has a sense of humor too. I literally laugh while reading them. 🙂
    I’ve played 2 guys so far (Alex and Ian) and I can say that really love them so much (character and story, especially for Alex). I’ve fallen in love with them. ❤
    Thanks so much for making this awesome game. Looking forward to your other games in the future as well. 🙂

  22. hello i need help translating the game into my language.
    Or is there somewhere already translated scripts

  23. Hello i need help translating the game into my language.
    Or is there somewhere already translated scripts?


    1. Ah, apologies, there are currently no German translations. At the moment there is a fan-based French translation. Thank you for your interest though!

      1. That means if I would translate them now I could upload them somewhere for other german players.

    1. Hi there–can you email me at obscurasoft at gmail dot com and let me know what email address you used? It will help me track down the order…you may need a new link. Also let me know if you’re using Windows or Mac.

  24. Hello. I bought this game on steam and unlocked most of the cg. The game is fantastic! But I really want to go through all the cg. Could you please tell me the path to all cg files? I tried to search for the cg document on my PC but failed. Always happy to hear from you.

    1. There are some walkthrus you can google online, but if you want a shortcut, I can send you a patch to unlock all the CGs. Just email me at obscurasoft at gmail dot com.

  25. Hi, i would like to obtain all sounds & musics from game, can you provide this content for only private [non comercial] usage?

  26. Hi. If i go to “Bonus Dates” and then to “Check out all Brofinder an Babefinder profiles” can I find profiles of real people? If so, how can I create a profile there? How does this function work?

    1. Oh, the smaller profiles are ones of various Kickstarter patrons. You can’t create you’re own profile in the game, though that would certainly be interesting.

  27. Hi there!
    What does it mean “dorkood” ? I was reading this sentence during the game and I didn’t understand and couldn’t find any meaning of this:
    “…trying not to rubberneck way to dorkood”
    Thank you for your reply in advance!

  28. Just discovered this game on Steam a few days ago. Thought I’d give it a go and I must admit this has been one of the most fun games of this type and genre I’ve played. I’ve spent hours and hours going through it all. The writing is amazing. I had such a fun time going on all the adventures. The characters were great. I noticed this game was released quite some time ago. I’m not seeing any Part 2’s or other sequels or followups. Have I overlooked them? I would really love to play some more of these types. Thanks for creating this and making it available. I really had fun with it!

    1. Thanks for your comment, Phillip! I’m working on another game at the moment, but it’s unrelated to COOT. It’s taking a lot of time because I decided to learn C# and Unity in the process. Glad you had fun 🙂

  29. Hi Obscura!
    I would like to thank you for your game that I discovered many years ago, and that I finished both in English and in French (since the translation was not available at the time I discovered it). Needless to say, I absolutely loved it. It inspired me a lot.
    Thanks to you again (one of your tweets), I discovered YAGS (which I also loved), then the bara (jam) community, and many other gay games.

    And thanks to all these experiences and this community, I released my first gay visual novel last december on itch (The Alchemist: Now I’m working on my next game and I’m trying to make a living from the passion you’ve sparked in me.

    So thanks again for your work.
    And a part of me still hopes to see more of your work (another game?)…

    The best,

  30. Man, this game is just perfect! I enjoyed playing it!
    Can you tell us what the next game is about? Can’t wait to play more!

    And is there any social media that we can follow you on the updates?

    1. Glad you enjoyed it…I’ll probably update Twitter, this website, the Steam and the page when I have something ready. So subscribe/follow any of those. Thanks for your interest!

  31. Hello, I just downloaded the game. I can’t tell if my system is not playing music or if there just isn’t any music for the first few scenes. I hear the main menu song but then the scenes don’t play any sound I don’t think.

    1. Hi Kevin, I’m not sure about the exact timing, but some parts of the game are silent. Also if you haven’t already, please check the options and make sure the sound wasn’t inadvertently turned off. I know a few people also had this issue, and they rebooted their computer and it (strangely) worked after that. Please email me at obscurasoft at gmail dot com if you’re still having issues and we’ll proceed from there.

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