Thanks so much for your support, folks! In addition to all the DLC in 2015 for you lovely people who purchase the game, I’d like to throw in occasional bonus content as well for the existing boys.

The more you can spread the word, the more bonus content I’ll be able to add for the upcoming year. So please let people know if you’ve enjoyed this crazy little game! 🙂

77 thoughts on “VOTE FOR YOUR FAVES

  1. Where is my Phil lovers at?! He was awesome , I loved how he started out so hardcore but later throughout the story he softened out. plus who could deny the fact that they would want to see another sex scene with the chocolate military trained body in uniform!!!

    1. I agree I loved PHIL and his whole story line. Not to mention he is my type completely I loved the hard work it took to get to understand him and open him up. His character in my opinion was really developed and I want more of him!!!

    2. Yes, Phil needs more love! I wish he and Mark had more time together outside of babysitting Violet. Generally, I kinda wished his route was longer. Just can’t get enough of Phil, the seemingly unfavorable one by most…

  2. Just a word of advice to everyone who comments. Please be respectful and kind to one another. I’d prefer not to have to turn off comments entirely, since I’m still working on more game related stuff right now and don’t have much time in the way of moderating this board. Much love and thanks.

  3. I bought your game and I have to say I completely Love it@ I’ve played through all the stories With Best ending except Alex I’me still working on him and I haven’t found the secret admirer yet and some of the Side scenes with the boys. I just wanted to comment on some bugs/things I’ve noticed. When you leave Brads after the Watching the porn together Beau confronts you about leaving early and you say Brads not 16 and Beau isn’t his dad- Beau says, ‘Beau and I -‘ It should be Brad and I Shouldn’t it?
    Also The eyes have been really bugging me with the exception of Phil and Jed 99% of the characters have Ice blue eyes. It’s unrealistic and Immersion breaking also a little off putting eyes that color are rare not everyone and their neighbor has them. Its a pretty color but Brad and Mark and Alex and Ian shouldn’t all have the exact same shade of Blue and All of Jed’s band made have those eyes to.

    But The game is awesome all together I Iove the slow spiral into insanity with the fish after brad ‘dumps’ you if you mess up. Though I would be nice for and ending with Jed that doesn’t make you the bands Slut.

  4. Bought this game today and played it through several times. Wish it were longer, like if it started at the fall semester instead of spring (because a couple months isn’t really long enough to build a genuine relationship, only to begin one) OR if you could continue the story after college as Mark embarks on his new life after school. Maybe a sequel?

    My two favorite characters are Ian and Jed. Jed’s story is interesting and entertaining while Ian’s storyline is really endearing and emotionally compelling (and has the best ending).

    Wonderful job on the game overall. Too bad Steam’s asinine policies prevent this from being featured there. You deserve a bigger audience/market.

  5. It’d be awesome if one could also date secondary characters like Beau or Beau or BEAU!!!
    There’s no one who’s sexier than that beefcake grrrr I’m always getting greedy if I see him on screen..

    And yea.. Beau’s little brother is fine, too >:P He was the most favorite main character, but still not a deal compared to the sexy hunk Beau ❤

  6. I’d totally want an extension on Brad, Ian, Jed, and Phil being as they’re my fav male-waifus. But am I the only who want one of the future DLC character to be Knutson from Phil’s story? (The tall short-blonde hair who was making the weird sexual comments) I’d really like that with the inclusion of some form of harem option/route.

  7. I think it would be nice if Brad and Phil had a few more scenes where they get to hang out with Mark at his apartment and interact with his friends, since Phil is Penny’s cousin and Brad’s a fellow student I think they should get to be more involved in his circle of friends.

    Also, if at all possible, could you make the hair options Beard, chest, body? There are a few guys I’d like to see with chest hair, but not completely hirsute

    (Also, also, locker room scene after he wins a game and is all full of adrenaline >.> <.<)

  8. I think you did a wonderful job wih this game and I couldn’t wait to play it when you finished. I LOVE IT!!!!! Ian & Mark are my favorite and I think they are the best in the whole game. I cried at the end ( hopeless romantic here). I enjoyed the game and I hope you add more to the game.

    I havent gotten to the other guuys yet but maybe more scenes with Alex.

  9. This was a really fun game to get through. My favorite guys were definitely Ian, Alex and Jed. Ian’s was the one loved the most, it was so cute to play and had the best ending. Alex was just a hunk professor. And Jed I loved because of that first encounter they had. Although I gotta say I was a tad disappointed that the rest of the guys invited over later weren’t there just yet.

    Great game! Played for hours! Can’t wait for more bonus scenes or characters!

    1. I agree they almost feel like a cannon pairing especially when it is mentioned that Ian possibly like him for a long time in his route also hinted in other routes the jelousy! ❤

  10. I Love Brad He is such a Cutie , Hunky , Adorable, Dummy,”Childish TOP” anyone could ever wish for
    Wish he was REAL !!!!!!!
    I Love you my Pixelated Husband ❤ 🙂

  11. I loved the Alex plot, and also he was the one with the personality I tend to like in boys. But because of all the prohibition around his relationship with Mark, everything is so platonic in the game. I would like more from him, please :3

  12. Ian, Ian, Ian!!!! I am so smitten and obsessed with Ian. How is he not number 1 in the poll? (Even though I can see he is ranked quite highly). Not only is he mindblowingly hot, his character beautifully contoured (a seemingly carefree bro but with a depth, loyalty and heart of gold) but his erotic scenes with Mark and the emotional payoff of their ending had my heart a flutter. Would absolutely love more Ian! I had a brilliant time playing this wonderfully plotted, beautifully animated and well-written game.

  13. I’d like a scene in the steam room at the gym. Seems a shame to not utilize such a gym staple. 😉

    Also, a scene in a movie theater would be hot.

    And dare I say a glory hole would also be exciting?

    Ok… That’s enough about sex. 😉 How about some cards for the hangout scenarios with Penny/Ian? Penis kite anyone? That’d be hilarious.

  14. I absolutely ADORE Jed’s story and character. He has so much depth and variety in his personality in spite of first impressions, a big secret sweetheart. He’s also incredibly sexy. I may have still missed something, but it’s also poignant how his ending is bittersweet; there aren’t always ideal endings in life. Of course I’d -LOVE- a bonus scene where you run into Jed while traveling some time after graduation, not only for hooking up, but also just to find out if he’s doing alright-if he’s happy.
    I’m surprised there wasn’t a branch or option where Ian’s toys came into play between the player and him, or maybe peeking on him going to town on hiw own ass, haha ^_^

    1. Ahhh, I hadn’t said the right thing at the band meeting. Jed’s full ending is so sweet and romantic and satisfying, hehe. I’d still love some more content with him, though 😉 Hrm, but there’s still one image locked in the bottom left…

  15. Brilliant game, this deserves so much success and respect. Can a woman write hot gay storylines with humour, great romance and tenderness? Hell yes! Thank you so much for writing this and I hope you continue. I’d like to see a longer storyline with perhaps the chance to play the field a little before settling into focussing on one guy. Again thank you and good luck.

  16. I loved the bonus dates and I feel that maybe you could set up a poll and the winning man of the poll would become a main character and have multiple endings and a longer story line. FYI my personal favorite is between Frank and Luke of the additional stories.

  17. I don’t know if additional scenes for the main storylines are even an option, but if so, a scene of Phil giving head – or even better Phil and Mark 69ing – would be great. Jed could also do with some more content. In his case, I’m thinking a little on the kinkier side… maybe snowballing; that would fit in well with his Bukkake-parties.

  18. I bought this game a few days ago and I fell in love with all the characters! I love them all, but Jed is definitely my favorite! He’s just so crazy, and really cool! Also his ending made my heart melt, it just proves he’s a real sweetheart even more than the rest of his plot did! I love you so much for making this game, thank you so much!

  19. I’m a hugh fan of your Game, my favourite Char is definitely Ian, such a heartbreaking cutie!
    I would love to see more Bonus Scenes with Ian, maybe an additional Content where you jump from Alex or Jed to Ian, because he’s so jealous and Mark guess something…

    Another Bonus Route, like with Amos would be great, maybe with some Twink from College.

    If you make another Kickstarter-Campaign, i would definitely spend something

  20. I just finished Cesar and Terry’s dates and like all the others they were great. Especially Cesar’s I mean…WOW. If I could make a suggestion for an update though I feel that maybe Luke’s date could be extended to go a bit further. Maybe Mark could go back the next week for another film and things carry on where they left off. Luke had already experimented by then and liked it so why not go all the way. Plus it would bump Luke up to a second CG seeing as he only has one to unlock currently.

  21. I’ve unlocked all the pictures for all characters. XD

    Would be nice if you could go further with the brofinder people though.

    I enjoyed playing all those stories, though it was a little challenging picking the right options for all the pictures.

    I feel like Alex needs more pics or something, he has a small gallery. x3

  22. I would love if some of the storylines had connection possibilities
    For example, when pursuing both Brad and Jed, it’s clear Ian is jealous… It would be cool if there was a possibility of having a polyamorous relationship… I can really see Jed and Mark doing some kinky stuff with Ian 😀

    1. yeah! that be great! like threesomes with Mark + 2 of the other main dates (Ian, Brad, Jed, Alex, Phil). I don’t want new guys, i want more scenes with the main guys and the cop… oh!
      and Luke x’D.

  23. Hello, AWSOME game! I can’t stop playing it!
    I’d love to have more scenes with Ian, he’s so hot, sadly we never get to see his butt! you should make a scene where Ian tops/bottoms for Mark,maybe in the shower, that’d be cool!
    I personally think you don’t have to make more dates, it’d be better if you just focus in the ones you already have, specially Ian, Brad, the Cop (so hot, this time inside the car), Luke (Mark returning for more than a BJ). Maybe you can work even more the main story and add the cop.
    Would it be possible that Mark can have a hot scene with two of the guys? like maybe Ian+Brad+Mark, or with the others.
    Thank you very much for this amazing game! LUV it!
    XOXOX… tatumon!

  24. OMG !! I am in love with Donovan ! He is just so damn adorable & socially awkward . it’s so cute !! I just wanna hug him & never let go . ❤ Such a DILF ! woof woof !! ❤

  25. Is it weird that I really really like Donovan and wished he was in the Main Game instead of the Bonus Dates? Brad’s my fave but I just realized that the Big Bad Daddy’s adorable and awkward (and a little bit of a dork based on the messaging app) that it’s become quite endearing. But yeah I like the cop too, but Don’s my love.

  26. WE neeed more 🙂

    the double in the ass of MARk was SUPER 😀

    But we need one fucking Mark in the mouth and one Fuking Mark in the Ass

    the finger fist of the cop was hot but we need full fisting of Mark the hand go in his ass maybe we can use master leather to be the top

    we need more Mark fucked by a dogq Mark fucked by a horse ! Mark with a bigg butt plug 😀 Mark fist and dick both in his ass !!!

    I love a threesome of Mark, Brad and his brother B.. 🙂

    Thank you

  27. Wow That is really a great game. Love it. So many different options… I hope that this will continue.
    About my favs I am not different and they are Brad (would like more with him), Ian and Jed.

    I would love to have some extras with secondary characters like Beau but a very special mention to Dante. He is so hot in the wrestling suit (little cute boy hmm) that I would really like more of him, I like it a lot… so if this is possible to add this in next editions, would love to date him and have fun with him (but definitely not Gregor LOL).
    Anyways, keep going, the game is great. Thanks a lot !

  28. Thank you so much for creating this game! I discovered it a little over two years ago and I booted it up again; updated and all. I did a few of the new additional dates and they’re so refreshing! (Jake actually reminds me of the Top version of my current partner haha!) I’m so excited to get back into the main story line and meet the easter egg character as well and I can’t describe how well Ian’s story line was. To date it will always be my favourite and Ian will hold a special place in my heart; insane of me to say about a fictional character. Still; thank you for all the work that you’ve put into this amazing game and keep it coming! ❤

  29. I absolutely love the game. I’ve played it so many times that I started looking for other games that are also LGBT themed and are choice based. Ran into Choices on the app store (some LGBT themes, a few books are great, but no sexy CGs 😦 ), but the only issue was that they didnt have an option to purchase certain stories with a one time fee that you can play out fully. Instead they make you pay for “premium choices” and limit the chapters you can play at a time for insane amounts of money. Immediately came back here to beg you for another game! I’ll be the first in line to buy it! Till then I’ll just have to replay COOT. ❤

  30. I just recently bought the game and I have also binge-playing since the last few days. I really love the stories, humor and music in the game. I still laugh at the funny lines even after playing it for so long. I downloaded the music but my fave music from the game is not there. I really love the guitar music played when Ian invites you to the party, such sweet lovely serene music that I can’t help to reminisce my own memories. I open the game and put it in the background just to keep the music playing 😆. If there’s a sequel (and I’m praying there would be someday), I am definitely buying it! If there’s an expansion, please have one for Ian. Pretty please. I really really love Ian’s story. 😍

  31. Just have to say that my fave male-waifus were Ian (of course) for the main story and Donovan for the bonus dates. Looking forward for more updates or similar games from this company! The game was enjoyable 👌

  32. I actually found most of the brofinder dates to be great stories. Theo’s is hysterical, Terry’s was cute, Tommy’s was pretty thrilling. There was something about all of them I found enjoyable or challenging. Was not expecting Donovan to be a big ol’ bottom! lol

    I would love to see more brofinder dates added and maybe a way to bring some of them in to the story at more length or surprise endings featuring one you went on a date with earlier. I really liked Theo’s character and wished Mark could have ended up with him.

    As far as the main characters, I loved Ian’s personality and felt genuinely ecstatic when I got his best ending, and then when doing Brad’s, which I also liked, I found it sooo cute how Ian was very jealous. I think a scene that somehow would tie in a threesome with both of them would be so hot!

    I also think a scene involving Ian with his sex toys would be great and an actual sex scene with Alex after completing his good rout. I had to do the bad rout later just to unlock it. I found Alex’s rout to be pretty sexy. I think his and Brad’s turned me on the most. Hahaha

  33. I just can’t get enough of Brad, you know something’s wrong when you wish he were real (I wish he were more vers). The brofinder dates, the other guys were great too, I just couldn’t stop laughing at the top hat kinda high interactions, please continue your work, I’d love to buy more quality content from you. The drawings and the facial expressions are excellent.

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