Game Hints and Other Shenanigans

(This page is still being updated.)

Warning. This page has spoilers!

Tips on how to find Amos

Hint 1: Follow Ian’s story until you return to the bar with him.

Hint 2: Don’t go home with Ian. Amos will show up.

Tips on how to get Brad’s bonus scene (version 1.2.2 and higher)

Hint 1: It occurs on the Brad route, towards the end, when you’re doing the all-night tutoring session.
Hint 2: At the beginning of the night when he stays over, you need to pick this choice: “We can do something fun afterwards”.
Hint 3: When it’s finally morning and he’s turned in his paper, choose to cuddle with him instead.

Tips on how to get Jed’s romantic ending (version 1.2.0 and higher)

Hint 1: Be fairly nice to Jed throughout his entire story.

Hint 2: Make sure you pick the Presbyterian church towards the end. (The older version of COOT used a different church which apparently doesn’t meet on Sundays!)

Hint 3: Make sure you give Jed the pep talk in the bathroom during the competition.

Tips for Brofinder Dates

These particular dates seem to be a little tough for some players, so here’s a guide!


How to get further with Frankie (easiest way to see the special scenes the date):

  • In general, don’t piss him off and be humble.
  • Things that will help:
    • Tell him you’re a little too busy with school to do much traveling
    • Tell him you’re majoring in English
    • Tell him “why don’t we just cut over to the beach and hang out there”
    • Tell him you recently came out and don’t have that much experience
    • Tell him you have a pet fish
    • Tell him you’re a college student try to give a little something when you can
    • Don’t piss him off too badly.


  • Say you think “that’s a great attitude” when he wants to open himself up to new things.
  • Offer him a massage, but don’t get too gropey before that.
  • Attempt to kiss him during the sad scene.


  • In general, he’s looking for someone mature and not TOO silly.


  • You’ll find out they both want different things. Hang out with one of them long enough to find out more.



Ever want to hear your computer talk like a porn star? Or say the quaint phrase “steamin’ semen roadway” out loud? You’re in luck! You can hit (V) at any time (in version 1.2.0 and higher) to hear your computer voice the game.

81 thoughts on “Game Hints and Other Shenanigans

    1. There’s a “weird” path that opens up if you pick mostly odd choices/dialogue options in his story (including the poem.) There’s also a different route if you pick mostly “mean” options.

    1. Don’t accept his bribes, if you do you will get hot scenes whith him but won’t have his ending. To get the ending, tutor him, encourage him and you will be fine. There are walkthroughs on the internet for this if you really are stuck.

      1. I have tried the brad route 4 times and every time he fails his paper. How do people even get his route?!? I made sure to study a lot myself (kicking ass in school), always encourage him, and selected making the beginning and end of the paper the best points, but he always ends up 69ing his paper instead of me D:

      2. Eh, NVM I just saw that you said that your studies are at “kick ass” level. I am as stumped as you are then because I do the same thing you do, have him do a strong start and finish and he always gets an 88.

    1. The game is saved in two places, so you can reset the game if you delete the saves there. One is in the game folder itself (under saves-delete the whole saves folder) and the other is usually in C:\Users\Owner\AppData\Roaming\RenPy

      If you’re on the Mac Version, the folder is usually in ~/Library/RenPy/Coming-Out-On-Top. Delete all the files in that folder.

  1. Hi – Great game! Just 2 questions…can you let me know how to get picture 1 and picture 6 in the ‘main’ gallery please?! It’s bugging the heck out of me! I’ve gotten all of the other gallery pix!


    1. Main tab, photograph one, is unlocked if you masturbate towards the beginning of the game. I’m not by my game at the moment, but you may need to lift Ian’s lube from the bathroom sink. You may not. Try both!

      Main tab, photograph six, is unlocked if you succumb to Slurpy’s madness but foil his plans by flushing him down the toilet. If you ingest Slurpy, you did it ‘wrong,’ and will need to either start over or use your mouse scroll wheel to go back and choose different options. He needs to end up in the toilet.

    1. In order to lock the first CG in Brad’s gallery, you need to write Brad’s papers for him. There will be a scene in which you will pull up at Brad’s desk to write his paper while he works out in his bedroom. You’ll have the option to either sneak a peek as he works out or tend diligently to the paper; select the former option–and when prodded to turn on the floor heater, go ahead and do that. Shirtless Brad is the best brad.

      The 5th photo in his gallery I believe is when you suck Brad’s dick in his bedroom. Again, I believe you need to be on the cheating route–and after writing one paper, Brad will try to drop you as a tutor in lieu of Daisy and her various “perks.” If you mention to Brad that you can offer him a blowjob as well–and that you’re willing to prove it… boom. Unlocked.

    1. Not sure which one you’re missing, but you either develop your relationship with him and listen to your friends, or listen to Slurpy!

  2. Are there 8 or 9 CGs for Phil because I saw somewhere there was a CG where Phil and Mark were dressed in military uniforms but in the gallery, there were only 8. Am I missing something?

    1. Ah, they were from a scene that was ultimately cut from the game. The scene was removed but not the illustration. Maybe one day I’ll finish that scene and add it as an update, not sure yet!

  3. I’m desperate, please HALP me, SOS me! Where can I find a pic with Ian wearing a towel and Mark reading a book with his legs on a table? I don’t mind spoilers (though I’ve completed all routes), I just need this Ian pic. How can I get it? Which route is it? WHAT SHOULD I CLICK TO GET MY HANDS ON IT?? Ahem, sorry for panicking here, I’m just a little dying here.

    1. Ah, sorry! That’s one of the scenes that was axed early on because I couldn’t “fit” it in without making it a little awkward with the timing and the talking heads. Maybe in the future I’ll try to include it, but as for now it’s a “lost scene.”

  4. Help~!!! I really need help about the new arts added in 1.71u. After having collected all CGs in the older version, I have no clue where to trigger the new ones. The ones I need hint:
    – Alex CG 8
    – Brad CG 8 & 9
    – Jed CG 8
    – Phil CG 3 & 8
    – Luke CG 2

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!

    1. For Luke just play luke all the way past the BJ scene, and you will get the new CG automatically.
      For Brad’s 2 nes CGs I’ve only found 1, when Mark is in the bathroom, tell Ian you are Masturbating and taking a dump and you’ll get the Masturbiking (Ian) CG!
      If you find CG’s tell me ❤

  5. Hey guys! Jumping straight to the point here – how the hell do I unlock Phil’s 8th CG? Before the plane-kiss. Like, I tried every single option over countless times and I can’t find it. I’m a perfectionist and I need my gallery filled, so please, lovely Obscura or players who filled the gallery.. do share. :3

      1. If you’re talking about two CGs, one before and one after getting caught by Ian, I’ve already collected them. To be more precise about what I need – middle CG of the bottom row.
        Or am I missing something and you’re talking about a completely different scene that I missed? If so, I’d appreciate some tips.

    1. My personal favorite!
      At the very beginning of his route, when you meet Brad for the first time, reply with “let me tongue your starfish.” option. The route will immediately end there and you’ll no longer tutor Brad. However, you’ll have a rather interesting dream (9th CG will be unlocked).

    1. When Ian comes home drunk after being shitty to Mark, end up in a sexual encounter in Mark’s room by choosing “Maybe a bit” and follow that path affirmatively. You should get CG4 .

  6. Yay finally managed to get all the updated CGs! Really hope you guys add more content eventually! Such a fun game.

    Definitely need a CG of Mark using Ian’s dildo before he’s interrupted… 😉

  7. i have passed theo’s bonus date but in the gallery i found theo’s CG#2 and CG#3 is duplicated , is this a bug or something , i have reset the game save but it still occur , my version is 1.71c windows

    1. They are very similar, one of them just shows up with a different accessory (because the roleplaying was a little different.)

  8. I’m having an issue with my game, when I get to the end of Phil’s story, right as the ending CG’s are about to play, the game freezes on a black screen for a few seconds, then just goes straight back to main menu.
    I’m playing on Windows 10, version 1.71u via BMT

    1. If you’re using an old save with a newer version, unfortunately it might be glitched. You can use the TAB/SKIP options to start a new save with Phil to get through that point again. If this was the case, sorry for the hassle, we couldn’t find a way to make the old saves work with the new requirements after changes to both Mac/Windows updates.

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