Demo Spoilers

How many sexy scenes are there in the demo?

  • 1 solo with Mark if you manage to avoid most of the interruptions when jacking off.
  • 2 different ones with Jed depending on the choices you make
  • 1 with Alex if you like him (occurs at the end of the demo)

How to get both Jed scenes:

  • To get the first one, pretend to be C*msl*t69.
  • To get the second one, tell him good try, he’s not fooling anybody.  He’ll invite you in.  Stay in the apartment, talk a bit more, and you can either be the “star” or have him be the “star.”  If he’s the “star”, you’ll get the other scene.

Note: The first Jed scene is actually written with a slight difference depending on whether you pretend to be 69 or not.



3 thoughts on “Demo Spoilers

  1. I can’t seem to find out how to get the Alex scene at the end 😦 I’ve tried a bunch of different options (which in a way makes it amazing/goes to show how vast the choices are) and nothing is coming up, and he’s my favourite love interest too! Can anybody help? 😦

  2. so is there is possible way to remove the black sensors ? i just love the art :/ and dont wanna ruin it with a black sensor.. (don’t judge) 😛

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