Bug Fixes/Patch Info

The latest release (version 1.1.2) includes minor bug fixes, typo corrections, and small edits. It also fixes a bug where the “easter egg” path collided with Jed’s path.

Version 1.1 (included in the latest release) fixes these bugs:

1) the part where Ian’s sprite won’t leave after the party

2) a decision in Phil’s route that causes the game to crash

3) Mark’s beard disappearing in one of the end scenes

4) various typos

5) Ian’s beard disappearing in a scene

6) a continuity error in Ian’s story when (highlight for spoiler)  you tell him to leave your room.

7) a continuity error in Jed’s route (highlight for spoiler) if you’re also starting the easter egg sequence

8) Mark mentioning muffins in the gym out of blue

9) Phil’s second to last scene where the background disappears

10) Lack of condoms conflicting with you-know-what in certain scenes

11) Mark’s beard not on his face in a scene with Ian

12) Other minor fixes

If you find more bugs, you can email me at obscurasoft@gmail.com.

I’ll make an announcement when each I release new patch/content update. Or instead of checking here, you can click the upper corner button on this website to receive the notification by email, so you won’t have to keep checking this site :).

If you need to know how to get the new version, go here.

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