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* If reporting a bug, please let us know what system you’re running, e.g., Windows 7.

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Coming Out On Top is kind of like a choose-your-own-path novel combined with a comic book and played on a computer. Try the demo if you’re curious. You make the decisions about what the main character does and says as you play through a variety of hilarious, erotic, and heartwarming stories about a college senior who’s just come out of the closet. Note that it’s an erotic game with adult content and is intended for mature audiences (18 and older only.)


See this page for instructions. This ONLY applies to people who used Paypal on BMT to purchase. (All other purchasers will already have the original, sexy version!)


Windows PC, Mac, and Linux. The game is compatible with Windows 7 or later, and Mac OS X 10.6 or later. If you’re concerned about compatibility, give the demo a shot.



After the zip finishes downloading, double click on it, or right click on it to extract all (or unzip).

Can’t find the unzip/extract button in Windows 10? Use the ‘extract’ option at the top of your window.

Windows  will create a folder called Coming-Out-On-Top-all. Go inside the newly created folder and double-click the Coming-Out-On-Top.exe file to run.


On a Mac, after the zip finishes downloading, double click to unzip it, or right click on it and select OPEN WITH>ARCHIVE UTILITY from the menu that appears.

This will will create a folder called Coming-Out-On-Top-Mac. Go inside the folder, then double-click on the .app file (the one with the picture icon) to run the game.

If you get a pop-up window says the game is from an unidentified developer, control-click or right-click the .app icon, then choose Open from the shortcut menu. As Apple explains, “If you try to open an app that is not registered with Apple by an identified developer you get a warning dialog. This doesn’t necessarily mean that something’s wrong with the app. For example, some apps were written before developer ID registration began.

Note: due to recent changes in the Mac OS, you may need to MOVE the entire Coming Out On Top folder into your User/Applications folder for it to work.

If this doesn’t work, it probably means your security settings are on extra high (often the default for newer systems.) You can also grant an exception for a blocked app by clicking the “Open Anyway” button in the General pane of Security & Privacy preferences. This button is available for about an hour after you try to open the app. To open this pane, choose Apple menu > System Preferences, click Security & Privacy, then click General.

On some systems, the game might “hang” for a few seconds without any window appearing. Double click the game icon again and it will show up.


Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, Diner’s Club, UK Maestro Debit Card, Paysafecard, BitPay (Bitcoin), Paypal, and Amazon Checkout.

Please note that if paying via PayPal or Amazon, you will need to purchase the censored version due to their policies regarding adult content. You will be able to un-censor the game after purchasing by following the instructions here.


The game is sold through a third-party vendor named BMT Micro. The charge will appear on your statement as “WWW.BMTMICRO-INFO.COM 910-792-9100 NC”. BMT Micro sells general purpose and entertainment software and is not an “adult entertainment” related company.


The game comes in a .zip file. Unzip it into a folder. Once you’ve unzipped it, open the folder.

If you’re a Windows user, double click the .exe file inside. (Having problem with Windows 10? Here’s a step by step process here!)

If you’re on Mac, double click the .app icon.

On Linux, run the .sh script. Do not remove the .exe or .sh file from the folder or the game will not work.


The most common issues are as follows:

  • If the game was unzipped with a third party .zip program, the game may not run. Right or CTRL click on the downloaded .zip and choose to open the file with your operating system’s unzipping utility.

  • Game won’t run on Sierra after update. Please email me at for an updated version and let me know the email address you used with BMT or so I can resend you the new version.
  • The game doesn’t run on your Mac and just hangs. MOVE the entire Coming Out On Top folder into your User/Applications folder then try running it.
  • Game won’t run on Yosemite or Windows 8. Newer versions of the game (1.2.0 and up) should run fine on these new platforms. If you’re still having problems or are trying to run the demo on Yosemite, hold CTRL then click on the .app file. To run it on Windows 8, right click on the .exe file and run it as an administrator (you might want to choose ALWAYS run as an administrator). This has to do with heightened security measures for the newer OS’s that unfortunately lock out small game developers like myself.

  • Game won’t save on Windows 8. Right click on the .exe file and run the game as an administrator. You should be able to save now. (Again, this has to with increasing security measures for the new OS’s that are starting to lock out small developers. In the meantime, that’s the quick fix!)

  • On Windows, the game just “hangs” there instead of opening. 1) Update your drivers. 2) If it’s still hanging, close the file. Hold down shift while opening the game. A menu will show up, and choose “FORCE SOFTWARE RENDERER.” Close the game and try running it again.

  • If none of these solutions seem to be working for you, please contact me at!


Apple decided they will no longer allow their software to be bundled with PC and Linux versions, so we created a new version for Mac users. Please email me at and let me know the email you used with BMT. We’ll get you the Mac version.


To clear the gallery and saves, you need to delete the saves folder in TWO different places.

First make sure you exit out of the game.

On Windows:
Find %APPDATA%/RenPy/Coming-Out-On-Top
Delete the SAVES folder inside

On Mac:
Delete everything inside.

Open Steam. Right click on Coming Out On Top in your Steam library. Click PROPERTIES > tab LOCAL FILES > BROWSE LOCAL FILES

In the GAME folder delete the folder called SAVES

Now when you start the game everything should be clear.

Go into the game folder called Coming-Out-On-Top-all (or Coming-Out-On-Top-Mac).

Delete the folder called SAVES (If you are on a later version of Mac (Sierra+) you may not have this folder in this spot, which is fine.)

Now when you start the game everything should be clear.


You can resize the window to the size you like, or use the “F” key to jump to full screen and back again.


Through persistence, dedication, and hard work! Believe in yourself! Seriously, though, we may put a comprehensive walkthrough together at some point. Then again, we may not. 😉 Something that may help: use the rollback feature on your mouse or your up and down arrows to go back in time and make different choices. Save often.


First off, there is some very useful stuff in the options menu.

  • Turning “Skip unread text” on allows you to skip through all the boring reading stuff, including text you haven’t read.

  • Turning “Skip after choices” let’s the game keep on trucking at max speed after selecting a menu choice if you’re in skip mode.

  • Toggle skip mode by pressing the TAB key during gameplay.

  • You can do neat stuff like turn condoms on and off or select the beard and body hair options for each guy.

Spoilers ahead! Money optimization:

  • You can bid Beau up on your tutoring rate for Brad.

  • Use the cheaper weekend activities to socialize with Penny and Ian, such as going to the movies or walking the Pomeranian.

  • Choosing to study instead of masturbating will raise your grades, thus freeing up a weekend to tutor for extra money.

  • You can negotiate your rate with Theo up to $400, and he’ll even throw in a free toaster.

  • Choosing to go left when biking over to Amos’ house puts you through a mini text-adventure that gets you $100 if you persist until the end of it.

  • Winning the trivia contest with Phil nets you $150. Use the rollback feature or google to ensure your victory.

The Amos route has far fewer pitfalls than the other routes, which makes it easier to get to the end, but potentially more difficult to get the ending you want. Your ending is dependent on an overall score for how you behave with Amos. There is a romantic, a sexual, a weird, and a mean ending. The prevailing characteristic of the poem you write makes up roughly 50% of your overall score.


Why, Doubleleaf of course. Who can be found here.


Possibly! It depends on how well the game continues to sell and any projects I have lined up in the future. Follow this blog by clicking the FOLLOW button on the lower-right hand corner. You’ll be emailed the latest updates and news.

Cheers and thanks for playing. ❤


290 thoughts on “CONTACT/FAQ

    1. The game so far is awesome, and also the visual design of the characters i loved them all, so far so good 😀 cant wait for the release, and thanks for being the one to make such a game.

  1. H y I really wanna know when you think it’s gonna be release, I really want to buy this game 😀

  2. Just came across your demo and played it. This game sounds like it will be alot of fun and I am so happy it would be available on Mac (seldom companies allow games to be played on Mac) I cant wait to see the adventures that will unfold in the finished product! Expecting even more sexy scenes and scenarios soon and as a gay man, I am really happy with what youve done with the game! My only thing is that there was a lot of spelling mistakes in the demo but pretty sure you caught that on already! Can’t wait until December! 😀

      1. Thank you Mitsu! Yes, there’s an Asian guy. You’ll see a lot more artwork up starting fall and winter. There’ll also be someone editing the game as well as numerous beta testers to catch the spelling mistakes this time. 🙂 Thanks for your comments!

  3. I just played the demo again after having played it during the Kickstarter.
    On the whole, very fun but I do have some quibbles. For one thing, the text seems a bit verbose. All of the narration and extraneous dialogue slowed down game play.
    And I’d like to know your rationale for making Mark a senior in college. Has he recently discovered his homosexuality, just recently accepted it, decided to come out, or some combination?
    Are you planning on releasing a revised demo before the game itself is released?
    Really looking forward to the game!

    1. Thanks for your feedback sftheory! I made Mark a senior in college to motivate him to come out of the closet before he graduates. Only a semester left, you know?

      I’ll probably release a revised demo, but not sure exactly when that will be. It might be after it ships. My main goal is just to release the main game before I do anything else. Everything else is taking a backseat until then. 🙂

  4. This demo looks amazing 😀 I have already set aside the $18-25 for the game >.< Will there be an Arabic or Greek/Italian character? It would be so cool! I really hate the old codger, but Adrian and Ian are yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummy! ❤ And please keep Brad nice and hairy!

  5. By the way, a question I’ve always want to ask is: do you do everything BY YOURSELF? The character designs, the music, the backgrounds, everything? OMG. I love you. You’re awesome.

  6. Will there be a version of the game were nudity can be hidden, just in case we don’t want to see anything too hot?

  7. Heej,
    I really,REALLY loved the demo. And I assume if it’s available in Germany it’s also available in Holland. But can you buy the game if you don’t have a credit-card?

    1. PS: Since I can’t support you with cash anymore i mentioned the game to some blogs. People really Love your work and were very enthusiastic!

  8. Thank you so much for making this. I have scoured the internet, sure that something like this must already exist, only to be consistently disappointed. When I came across your demo I found more than I could have expected. The quality of your work is fantastic, and I look forward to buying several copies of this game for myself and some friends. I can not wait for the release.

    1. Same here. I’ve been looking online for gay themed games for a while now only to be disappointed. Played the demo of this game and quite enjoyed it. Some dialogues even made me laugh which got me liking the game more. If I found out about the kick starter earlier, I would have helped out a bunch. So as a lil help, I’m going to purchase the game with the full price. I seriously can’t wait! Thank you and Godspeed lol.

  9. I just played the demo and I must say I love it. This is the kind of game I was searching for for many years. At least the demo is very promising. I was thinking to make a game like this myself (but with a more fantasy-ish setting) but I don’t have the abilities yet to do so. But you inspired me and you woke up my interest. Thank you so much for your hard work! I will waste so much time playing your game once you release it and I am quite sure it will be worth it. Love you!

  10. Played the demo. Do want! I’ll be perfectly honest here: though the guys in the demo are all hotties, it’s the quality of your writing that’s got me hooked! Can’t wait to see how the characters develop and the scenarios unfold. Pre-ordering now!

  11. The things they say visit your competencies inside the works of art you’re writing. The sector desires more ardent writers just like you which aren’t scared to mention where did they feel. Everyday observe your cardiovascular system.

  12. Will there be a guide available in the future? For those of us who are just as bad at dating in the sim world as we are in the real world?

  13. when the full version gonna be available? a few post above you mention about the end of last year

  14. Hey, I loved the demo and I love you 😛 Any plans for mobile (even if homebrew for sideloading)?

  15. Hey, i played the demo and i really liked the title screen song. I was wondering what its called and if i can get it anywhere?

    1. It’s Luv, Luv, Luv from Pansy Division, a queer punk band. They’re stuff’s on iTunes. I normally don’t care about song lyrics, but I definitely make an exception in their case…very clever, funny stuff.

  16. Just curious, who is the artist for the event CG? I feel like I have seen their style before and I have an artist’s name on the tip of my tongue but not 100% sure if it’s them.

  17. I just finished the demo, it was amazing! Lots of love from germany 🙂 <3!
    Btw, I love the body types. And the option of giving them beards/body hair… I cant wait for the release!

  18. Do you have a solid, tangible release date? You said December of last year in the comments here, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

  19. One more thing: I’m not such a huge fan of the whole “coming out” thing at the beginning of the game. That’s pretty meh since, to me, being gay is not really a big deal. I don’t really tell anyone until they start talking about sexuality or attractive people to me. Then I’ll tell them that I’m gay since that’s the only time it’s really relevant. Other then that I just pretend like people know and operate under that assumption. Also not a fan of the assumption that only liberal people are ok with gays. It’s quite America-centric. Obviously this comes from the alliance of the religious right and Republicans back at the end of the 70s, but still. Conservative beliefs are not necessarily anti-gay. Just saying. I know it was just one line, but I felt like I should mention it. Other then that, I’m quite enjoying it. I’m mostly motivated by getting into Ian’s pants. Since he’s the hottest. Obviously. I think most people seem to think that. Quite looking forward to the full game so I can actually do that.

    I really like the music in this game as well, it does tend to fit the mood quite well. The song in the opening was quite hilarious and fit so well. Not such a fan of that group’s other songs as they’re quite gay, for lack of a better word, but that one is pretty cute.

  20. Just finished playing the new demo and it’s even more amazing now; I’m so excited for the full game. Although I have a huge dilemma now! I was all for Brad but his brother Beau is so much hotter, haha. Any chance with him? (I know the answer is no but a boy can dream)

    Oh well, I’ll probably go for Ian anyway as winding him up is just too much fun. Congratulations on making such a great game! I’m looking forward to its release, gonna buy it the second it comes out.

    P.S any repercussions to sleeping with an option and then trying to be with someone else? Do us whores still manage to get a romantic ending or is it best to pick a guy and stick with him?

  21. You know, I’ve played quite a few yaoi/BL/bara games in the past, and there’s something really appealing about Coming Out On Top. Kudos to you, regardless of your physical sex. I’m looking forward to the full release!

  22. Though the guys are less muscular than the Bara characters we often see, I think they actually already qualify as bara characters based on both their physiques and the game’s demographics / fans. I mean, look at Matsu Takeshi and Syuunpei Nakata’s dudes. Although, nowadays a lot of women read Bara too, so demographics may not be too important.

    Lol classifications aside, thank you very much for taking the time and effort in making this game. I really appreciate such a game and I’m sure a lot of people do too! I hope there will be more games like this in the future. The demo so far is really awesome, great job!

  23. You Have some support from France ! This game is really awesome and a beacon of hope for Gay Gamers (Okay i’m over-reacting, haha.)

    I haven’t really understood how to be a part of the mailing list since I missed the Kickstarter part. If you could tell me how or just grab my mail from this comment that will be awesome.

    I’m really looking forward for the release of the full version. You really did an amazing job so far and i hope that you will continue.

    The Eiffel Tower salute you !

    PS : If you are ever in need for someone to share ideas with you, I would love to help out, scenario wise, for a sequel or another project.


  24. …Wait a sec, this game won’t be free? All this time I was under the impression that it’s going to be free when it’s fully released since I’m almost 100% certain I read a statement somewhere (either from you or maybe someone else, kinda feel like I read it in your blog though…) that it will be free, but your last update didn’t mention anything about it, though payment information is still there even for post-release. I’m confused…

  25. I wish the game would be free ;-; I’m in love with the demo. But I’ve got no cash. v.v But I totally understand that you gotta make a profit. I don’t blame ya.

  26. I just finished playing the demo game and I really like the game as I haven’t played any gay dating games before. I would like to know when will it come out? Btw I wish it had more people of colour (Latino & Asian men would be hot but just saying 😉 )

  27. I was wondering if you would mind to put in the story as a character a sexy bear guy or a guy that has some belly and looks pretty 😦 i mean it’s cool to have some characters that is beautiful and has it own story and own scenes this is a reason that explains why i buy this game ! But it would be perfect if you could make it less cliché ;p

  28. Just played the demo and mailed to be on the pre-order list. I’ve been waiting forever for a game like this. Love the story, the humor, the guys…lol!!! Great job!!! Can’t wait to play the full game and see how the story unfolds!!!

  29. I have a question regarding purchasing, is there any way I can buy this game with my VIsa debit card ? because there arent any Visa debit card option beside meastro or solo debit card. 😦 I really want to this game. sob

    1. Here’s the response I got: “VISA debit cards can usually be used as credit cards. Some banks limit their debit cards, so it is up to the customer’s bank whether or not it can be used as a credit card. The customer should attempt to use it as a credit card.

      The Maestro/Solo debit cards are UK debit cards in GBP only (which is why we had to separate the payment option).”

  30. Played through twice now (Ian’s ending is ridiculously sweet in a good way), and really liked it. My FAQ question though is: aside from the obvious endings of getting together with X guy, how many sub-endings/variations are there on each ending? And to repeat an earlier question, is it intended to play through going after one particular guy as an end-goal, or is it possible to go after one, get him, and then go for another one later? Mostly curious since I don’t want to frustrate myself finding out the answer through trial and error.

      1. So far, no walkthrough I’ve read has explored going after all the guys at once (instead, each love interest is tackled individually). I’ve tried going after all the guys at once. So far, rather than romancing several guys, the game advances so long before a single romantic route is chosen and all others are cut off. The preference is for Alex followed by Brad. I’m not sure about the other guys as I’ve only played the game twice.
        Hope this helps.

    1. Not quite. Brad and Alex are strictly tops. Phil and Jed provide the option of topping or bottoming when it comes time for it. And Ian. . . Well, Ian and Mark can do a lot in one go.

  31. this might have been asked already, buuuut do you plan to make more? and how you considered the console networks? I am actually not sure what they’d make of the game….

  32. so APPARENTLY Slurpy is NOT the bonus character that everyone has been talking about. I MUST FIND THIS MYSTERY MAN

  33. I may as well ask here since I don’t know where else to look…

    Does anyone have any hints for how to get the fourth image for Mark’s gallery? The leftmost one in the second row. I’ve found every other bit of every other gallery and completed all the different endings (I think), but one of the main character’s images is missing and I can’t work out how to get it and because it’s the main character’s I feel like it could be pretty much anything.

  34. help!
    I bought the game yesterday Saturday 13 Mar 2015, it is addicting. So I get to the point where he has his close encounter with Brad. Exit out and come back to continue on, yet it is starting at the very beginning. Is there some shortcut I missed to take me where I left off?



    1. Hi Gregg! Please write me at obscurasoft at gmail dot com so I can help you with this. I’ve never heard of this happening before; I want to make sure this isn’t a bug. Thanks!

  35. Hey i played the game and i have to admit i was surprised to learn you were a girl! That being said you really DO KNOW what turns gay guys on xD So high five for the reasearch ! (which prolly involve listening to your gay friends dream date but hey!) Especially in ian’s path the straight best friend romance?…YES a thousand time yes lol good job and cant wait for the new stuff to come out 😉 + the humor was also really good like i had as much fun hanging with Penny than dating all those guys ! Great job really (secret ending? OMFG LOL)

  36. I’m interested in the subject of confidentiality. I’m really interested in the game, but I’ll have to use paypal and not my acount. The name of the game will appear?

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