Minor Update

4 Nov

Apologies if you’ve been visiting this site frequently for updates! I’m basically staying away from my social media sites for the most part (apart from occasional tweets) since I’m racing against a deadline here.

And if you haven’t seen it already, Jamie at gaygamer.net, did a cool write-up of the latest build. It’s got a few (light) spoilers; you’ve been warned!


Thanks Jamie and gaygamer! Hope you enjoy the game in its final form.


And just another reminder, to save you the hassle of re-reading through the posts below:

Release date for the game: December 10th.

If you’ve signed up for the pre-order list, I’ll be emailing you instructions in the next few weeks!

Coming Out On Top: Release Date (Holy #*$&#!)

8 Sep

Hey everyone, just letting you know the Kickstarter forum’s been looking over the new build. A lot of happy comments (whew!) with a number of bugs and minor issues I need to fix.

So there’s still a lot of work ahead, but I’m REALLY thrilled with all the feedback so far.

Release date for the game: December 10th.

If you’ve signed up for the pre-order list, I’ll be emailing you instructions between now and the end of November. (If you’ve been waiting for more pre-order updates from me, sorry I don’t send any! I don’t spam people or share your info with anyone, so when I email you, it’s only when it’s absolutely necessary! So expect that email in the next few months.)

And I’ll be announcing how to purchase the game as soon as I can. Will be checking out vendors in the upcoming weeks. :)

In the meantime, thanks for checking in!

BTW, the lastest Kickstarter updates are here.

Latest Kickstarter Update

4 Jul


TL;DR It’s coming along…

And it’s not mentioned in the update, but for non-backers there will most likely be one more updated demo, which will be available when the game’s released.

Really eager to get this finished. I’m looking forward to the add-ons! :)

Poll #3: Your Main Reasons for Wanting to Play This Game

16 Jun

I’m curious about why people want to play this.  You can mark more than one answer (and write any additional reasons in the comments.)

Don’t be shy.



Results of Beards/Beardless Poll #2

16 Jun

Results of Beards/Beardless Poll #2

This looks like how most of you prefer seeing these guys.
(Note: chest hair randomly added.)



3 Jun


Brief Kickstarter update, in case you haven’t seen it already!

Also trying to think of another poll question…

Poll #2: To Beard or Not To Beard?

5 May

Some of you like beards.  Some of you don’t.  Others like to mix it up.

Let’s find out which version’s more popular.

First, in case you need a reminder:








If you’ve got other answers or more to add, comment below!


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