Poll #3: Your Main Reasons for Wanting to Play This Game

16 Jun

I’m curious about why people want to play this.  You can mark more than one answer (and write any additional reasons in the comments.)

Don’t be shy.



Results of Beards/Beardless Poll #2

16 Jun

Results of Beards/Beardless Poll #2

This looks like how most of you prefer seeing these guys.
(Note: chest hair randomly added.)



3 Jun


Brief Kickstarter update, in case you haven’t seen it already!

Also trying to think of another poll question…

Poll #2: To Beard or Not To Beard?

5 May

Some of you like beards.  Some of you don’t.  Others like to mix it up.

Let’s find out which version’s more popular.

First, in case you need a reminder:








If you’ve got other answers or more to add, comment below!

Results of the First Weekly Poll

5 May

After 2600 votes…the guy you want to bang most…



And the numbers.


I’ll leave the poll open for a while longer (newcomers can totally keep voting), but I wanted to take a snapshot after a week.  We’ll see what happens once the game’s released.  :)


BTW, the latest Q&A for Coming Out On Top can be found here:



Poll: Guy You Want To Bang Most

27 Apr

Because questions are important.  And I figure it’d be fun to do these things while you wait for the game.

If you’ve got other answers, please post them in the comments.  Thank you!



L to R: Phil, Ian, Jed, Alex, Brad and you (sorry, no self-love available in this poll)

P.S. I realize a couple of these guys have the benefit of a more endearing intro in the demo as well.

P.S.S. Unfortunately I also forgot to add the option *all of them*.




“And really, I’d take Ian or Jed over some dumb high-polygon-count space marine any day.”

24 Apr

“And really, I’d take Ian or Jed over some dumb high-polygon-count space marine any day.”

Jamie M. at gaygamer.net wrote a really thoughtful article on the Kickstarter build (which is pretty close in content to the new demo.)  It’s got small spoilers here and there, so you might want to check it out after you’ve played.  


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