9 Dec

Just posting screens as I continue to work on them.

Moving forwards, upwards, sideways…


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Winter Status Report (warning, loaded with bad puns and absolutely teeming with inappropriate innuendos)

30 Nov

You can find the original link here:

It bums me out that I gotta do this, but I gotta do this.


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Mark, Get Set

22 Nov


I always wonder what players name the main character.  Do they stick with Mark Matthews or give him an entirely new persona?

P.S. Updating all the sprites right at the moment.  Cleaning them up, fixing anatomical issues, etc.  *whew*

Thank You

20 Nov

And thank you again to everyone.  Your support for this game has been really incredible.

I want to add that working with Badriel, Doubleleaf, and Saguaro has been utterly amazing.   I don’t know how this project ended up with three people who are each brilliant at what they do AND have great senses of humor to boot.  I’ve felt extraordinarily lucky crossing paths with them.

This game could not have gotten a better team or better players.  Your messages make me smile so hard.  Thank you again.


Quick Update

20 Nov

Quick Update

1. Working on the next beta for my testers. Please do not threaten to defenestrate one another over beta access.  I’ll probably have something like another demo in due time. If I need more testers, I’ll be contacting some of you.

2. I’ll have another Kickstarter update at the end of this month, with more details about the release date.

3. If you’re a backer you DO NOT need to be on the pre-order mailing list.

4. Yes you can still ask to be put on the list! Go here.

Hey November

3 Nov

Letting you know I’m in the midst of getting the beta ready for my testers.  I’ll have more art updates and other stuff posted once that’s out.

Sorry again for not answering your emails promptly.  I’ve always been pretty good about replying to people’s emails, and this is the first time in my life I’ve had to postpone replies.   I do read all your charming emails though, and yes, you have been put on the pre-order list if you’ve used the link shown at the top of the page.

And to answer your questions:

1) Yes, of course you can still pre-order.

2) I’m looking at a couple of different gaming sites where you’ll be able to purchase and download the game.   Just haven’t set anything in stone.

(If you’re fearless, I do have a guy in a back alley who’ll slip you the director’s cut for a few fivers. )

A Few Reminders

6 Oct

Because I’ve got a lot of sites and the info might not be that easy to find:

1) Estimated ship date: December 2013 (knock on wood).

2) The game will be around $20 USD retail.  $15 if you preorder by signing up for the preorder mailing list & I’ll email you more info later this year.  

3) I’ll be trying to get the game on as many sites as possible to cover as many payment methods as I possibly can.

4) Thank you kindly for all your support.  I really appreciate all the emails, and I’m sorry for any delayed replies.  As it gets closer to ship date, it gets a little more difficult to respond as promptly as I would like.

Much love XOXO


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