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FYI: Demo Status

22 Apr

Still working out some kinks (ha) in the new demo.

It’ll be up within a day or two.

Thanks for stopping by!

Long Overdue Tumblr Q&A

17 Apr

TL;DR I’ll have a new demo posted later this month.  Stay tuned. <3

A Brief Update

14 Apr

(Kickstarter backers, log into Kickstarter if you haven’t already seen the April update!)

Note to all: I’m afraid the full game’s not ready yet, but I’ll have an updated demo for everyone later this month.  

Thanks for your patience, words of support, and getting on that preorder list.  It means everything to me.  LOVE YOU ALL!

Now back to work!


30 Mar

Hey guys!  Haven’t been updating much because I’m spending my time getting the next build to my testers, which they should have on April 1st.  I’ll have a more comprehensive update a few days after I start getting their feedback.    

Note: If you need day-to-day updates, you’ll find me on Twitter.  :)


I Use Only the Most Advanced Storytelling Tools

9 Mar

I Use Only the Most Advanced Storytelling Tools

Had to reorder somebody’s Act 3 scenes. Hey, this mess makes sense to me. If the dog’s don’t knock it over, I’m golden.

Working on getting the beta out to testers by the 1st of April. I’ll have a better idea of what’s left to do at that point.

Rewriting Scenes

18 Feb

Writing is the most difficult part of creating this game.

Today I was working on a scene and realized it required a rewrite.  Too much was going on, a character was introduced in a clunky way, and the conversation with the romantic interest was essentially an info dump.

If I felt like players could forgive a badly written scene or two, I’d probably leave it.

But I never assume they do.

So I’m rewriting the scene.  And others like it.

It’s one of several things I need to finish before I can release the game.

February 2014 Update

3 Feb

February update in screenshots.  (Also posted to Kickstarter!)  Note: Haven’t tried posting these using the image carousel before, but they make sense if you view them in order.

Working on scene after scene, every day (and all day, if I’m not at my other job).  It’s slow, but it’s coming along.  I don’t have a release date yet; will announce it as soon as I can.

Thanks for waiting, and for being the best players EVER.  I want to make this so worth it for you.

(I also tried to include Penny but for some reason the code wasn’t cooperating…hence the sausage fest.)

Hugs to you all.

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New Year’s Update

5 Jan

New Year’s Update

Kickstarter update, more characters in progress.  :)

Apologies if you’ve sent me an email lately!  I’m behind on answering them at the moment, but I’ll be tackling them as soon as I can.

No definite ETA on the game yet until I know for sure.


9 Dec

Just posting screens as I continue to work on them.

Moving forwards, upwards, sideways…


screenshot0026 screenshot0028

Winter Status Report (warning, loaded with bad puns and absolutely teeming with inappropriate innuendos)

30 Nov

You can find the original link here:

It bums me out that I gotta do this, but I gotta do this.


Full contents of the post below:

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