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28 Mar

Because the guys in Coming Out On Top will be cavorting around in a large number of rooms and locales, I’m enlisting the help of several extremely talented background artists.

Check out Mark’s college campus and college gym created by Badriel, who is frankly one badass mofo when it comes to cranking out BGs, and obviously excels in a range of artistic styles.

Badriel also happens to be the artist for the visual novel Knifepoint Horror,  which should be a treat for you horror fans.  I’ll be checking it out when it’s release on April 1st (no joke!), and probably wind up in fetal position.



I guess I should thank Badriel for not staining the walls of Mark’s campus with the blood of victims.


CG Time

16 Mar

CG Time

There isn’t a whole lot of Doubleleaf’s work that I can show you without spoilering, but here’s a preview of one of the PG scenes.

Note: I have such a painful crush on Doubleleaf, but research shows I’d have to look like Ezio Auditore to get her to even look my way. *kills self*

Scene Artist: Doubleleaf!

3 Mar

So I believe the Scene Artist is technically called the “CG Artist” in the visual novel world, but in any case, I’m beyond delighted to announce Doubleleaf at DeviantArt (aka Saynomore at Y-gallery) will be illustrating the scenes for Coming Out On Top.

I’ve already gotten the first scene back from her, and I practically fell out of my chair sobbing from just how awesome it was.

I’ll post some scenes as soon as I get something that isn’t a massive spoiler.

Check out her art here.  You’ve probably seen it before if you’re a fan of yaoi art.  The caliber of the work speaks for itself. (NSFW)


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