Valentine’s Day Update

14 Feb

Just plowing through the second draft right now.  Sorry if I haven’t replied to your emails right away!  Unless it’s urgent, I’ll be responding to your email closer to the end of the month, once I get through this phase of writing.  Thanks for your messages and signing up for the mailing list, in any case! :)

And if anybody’s curious about the dreaded writing process, I generally map out my outlines on my iPad, using a handy program called iThoughts.  The particular outline below was for an early version of Alex’s story (which I’ve shrunk down drastically so as not to spoil anybody.)  Once I’ve got the outline down for somebody’s path, I start writing multiple drafts (which often take me back to the outline and make the necessary revisions when I find a scene doesn’t work.)



Writing involves a lot of staring into space for yours truly.

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2 Responses to “Valentine’s Day Update”

  1. BravoBrony February 16, 2013 at 11:27 pm #

    I can’t read any of that, but I hope it involves a lot of hot sex :o

  2. ultramooz February 22, 2013 at 9:58 am #

    I just bought the app, thanks for the tip ! I have 12 hours of train to visit my family this week-end so i’ll try to begin putting some ideas down. This looks great for writing interactive fiction. I also began to use Inklewriter recently : This is nice because you can actually play the game, put variables etc… and debug the story itself before even coding in Ren py.

    And I support the hot sex statement.

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