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29 Jan

Those of you who were in the Kickstarter campaign and pledged to be in the forum–you should have received an email with registration instructions!

As for game development, I’ll be posting weekly progress updates here.

From now until the beginning of March, I’ll be doing mostly writing and not much else.  Rough draft is almost complete.  It will need at least two more drafts before it starts to feel like a proper game.

A Message for Those Who Beta Tested the Demo

27 Jan

A couple of months ago before the Kickstarter campaign, several of you beta tested the demo for me.  I said if you gave me feedback, you’d get a free copy of the game.  (You should expect an email from me late 2013!)

Some of you testers still backed the project anyways.  (Thank you!)  I stated I’d move you up a reward tier.

Please shoot me an email if you were a tester who backed the project (and let me know your backer name) so I can put you down for the appropriate tier.  (A lot of you are using aliases.)  Thanks guys!

Another Day In The Life of Your Gay Dating Sim Developer

27 Jan

Pledges are still processing!  I was hoping to wait until the final list, but apparently it might be another 7 days before that happens.  Ideally it would be nice to wait out those 7 days so I wouldn’t have to backtrack through a new list, but I’d like to get the forum open while the game is still fresh on your minds.   So I’ll start sending out reward info today and tomorrow

And…still whittling down emails!  I’m a little upset because someone sent me this long email through Kickstarter and I can’t find it anymore.  And I’ve been wanting to respond to it–it was a really sweet and thoughtful message!  I know I barely slept through the campaign…maybe I was delirious and dreamt up the whole thing?  

Another 3000+ words today.  Dialogue is pretty shapeless right now (it doesn’t usually get interesting until the second and third drafts) but hnnnnnng…the stories!  Am I allowed to say I’m simply thrilled about the story lines for each of the boys?  I mean, without sounding like a self-indulgent a-hole writer?  Haha, of course not.  I know everyone is excited about Ian, but these other love interests should have you on the edge of your seats.  And as for Ian…I could probably just reduce the entire game to just the  wild story line  that plays out between the two of you, and I’m not sure if anybody would even notice.  XD  

I wish I could post up some new art and stuff, but there won’t be anything to show until spring, since I’m still in the writing stages.  

Ok, I think I need to hit the hay.  I can barely keep my eyes open as I type this.

Still Waiting for the Final Backer List

25 Jan

Stuff I did today:

  • 3000 words of script.  Jed’s route is shaping up to be something pretty awesome.  I hope our band members are prepared to have more than just a quick cameo.  They’re going to be real characters who play a major role in his story line.  I wonder if I can persuade you guys to wear S&M gear for a couple of scenes?  Haha, just kidding, band members!  (Ok, honestly I would be in heaven if that’s what you wanted…but I shall only treat your future sprites with the utmost respect…*cries*)  
  • Making some small changes to the forum.  Amazon processing is moving steadily along…hopefully I’ll get a final list soon.    I’m getting stoked!  Now that the Kickstarter is officially over, we can finally get to some of the raunchier topics I’ve been wanting to discuss.
  • Finally cleaned my computer desktop.  Imagine 100+ icons covering every inch of screen space.  It was driving my husband nuts so I was tempted to leave them there.  But it was also getting to be a bitch finding anything.
  • Emails.  I swear this inbox is going to be empty at some point.

Thanks to all of you adding yourselves to the mailing list!  I have no idea how you found out about this game, but it’s encouraging to know I didn’t just max out my entire audience from the Kickstarter campaign.

New Blog, Paypal and Forum Updates

24 Jan


Well, I’ve FINALLY decided to revamp my blog by moving to WordPress.  I apologize for keeping such a lame-o looking blog for so long, but I was reluctant to do any drastic website changes while the Kickstarter campaign was in progress.  For better or worse, website stuff is usually the last on my list of priorities.

My first priority is always the game, and the second is chatting with you outstanding people.  Chatting with you guys is far more fun than working on a website.  XD

So anyways, I’ll keep the old blog up, but I’ll post all new updates here.


For those of you who emailed me during the Kickstarter campaign about using Paypal or other methods of payment, or had problems going through Amazon, I’ll be emailing you over the course of the next few days.

For anyone joining us now and wanting to pay using Paypal, unfortunately I’m not going to be taking any more contributions.  I know, turning down additional donations–WHAT A NUTJOB!  The reality is that I need ALL my time now to work on the game and manage the (upcoming) forum, among other things.  Paypal has a few issues that may become very time-consuming and distracting if I decide to use it as an additional crowdfunding tool.  However…


What you can definitely do is contribute by buying the game when it’s released, and take advantage of a discount price for pre-orders.  If you weren’t part of the Kickstarter campaign, and want to know when the game’s out for sale, email me at obscurasoft(at)   Just ask to be put on the mailing list anywhere in your email.  You’ll be sent pre-order info towards the end of this year.   The pre-order price hasn’t been determined yet (it’ll be higher than the $10 Kickstarter reward but lower than retail).


Just a reminder–it takes a couple of days for all the donations to finish processing.  (Basically Kickstarter takes all the bad credit card charges and gives backers several days to resolve those issues.)  I’m waiting for that to happen so I can get the final list of backers before I send everyone their reward information, including the link to those of you participating in the forum.

Welcome to The New Website for Coming Out On Top

23 Jan

I’ll slowly be moving stuff over from my old blog and making this new one more functional.  But all my latest updates will be posted here.


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